Happy New Year to All! (Part II)

Like the big dummy I can be sometimes, I forgot to include a dear friend of this blog in my list of Greats.

He’s The Great Wally. And he blogs here.

Wally’s a fine man, a wonderful thinker, and a refreshingly candid writer, who makes no bones about any blemishes he thinks he possesses, either now, or those in the past.

Such humility is sorely needed all around the world today. My personal interaction with Wally has been only indirect, but I can say with near perfect confidence that if everyone had a serious infusion of Wally’s thinking, the world would be one whole heckuva lot better off.

Please forgive me, Wally, for leaving you out of the first Happy New Year post. All of its wishes — every last one — are for you as well.

— xPraetorius

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