NPR Watch – 12/21/16 (Part III) — “Human-Induced Climate Change is a BIG Factor”

Like the previous post, National Public Radio (NPR) proves over and over and over and tiresomely, tediously, stupidly over again that the very term “Fake News(1)” was invented for them. In those posts, we posed the question: Does NPR simply lie all the time, or are they just stupid? With this post, we pose, yet again, that very same question.

NPR does two “news” programs each day. The morning one is called “Morning Edition” while the evening session is called “All Things Considered.” I’ve rebranded that last one: “Only Left-wing Things Considered” when I noticed a singular characteristic of the broadcast: You could take many of their features and transplant them lock, stock and barrel — no changes at all — into a radio commercial/infomercial for either the Democrat Party itself, or for some Democrat Party candidate for elective office.

That was absolutely true of a feature they ran on the North Pole ice cap. Yes, you know the drill: #1:  Some expert claims that the ice is diminishing, #2:  the pole is warming, #3: that science is “settled,(2)” and #4: it’s all our fault — mankind’s and specifically western mankind’s — for using fossil fuels, and finally, #5: we must act now, or it’ll be too late.

Sure enough, out it all came, expert and all. There was questionable assertion after questionable assertion. There was even, to NPR’s credit, the occasional correct assertion. for example: One of the NPR anchors for the piece, Robert Siegel, indicated that, of course, the climate changes naturally(3), but then the other anchor for the story, Ari Shaprio, intoned that, and I quote: “Human-induced climate change is a big factor.”

Cue the “Wrong Answer” buzzer.

Remember: this was a news feature. News features are supposed to be full of nothing but facts. That’s it. Facts. And nothing else at all. The sentence, stated as fact, that “human-induced climate change is a big factor” in the environment is not a fact, but merely a belief held by some. The exact opposite: that human-induced climate change is not a big factor in the environment is also believed by very, very many in the real scientific world.

There are people who theorize that “human-induced climate change is a big factor” in both global warming, and in the diminution of the polar ice pack. That is a fact.

However, here are several other hard, stone-cold facts:

  1. No one knows the extent to which human activity causes climate change
  2. Everyone knows that human activity causes climate change. Why? Because of another simple fact: Everything causes climate change. Throw a pebble into the pond, and you just changed the climate.
  3. Many credible climate scientists believe that human activity has a negligible effect on the climate when compared to natural forces such as: the sun, shifting ocean currents, volcanic activity, the moon, and a plethora of other massive contributors to the climate.
  4. The environmentalist side of the debate — those who believe NPR’s assertion about “human-induced climate change” — is riddled with corruption, fraud, dishonesty, amateur mistakes, willfully fraudulent reporting, smothering of dissenting viewpoints … with science that wouldn’t pass the most cursory of competent examination.
  5. The dissenting viewpoint — if such it can be called — to environmentalism has never been accused — not even once — of any kind of dishonesty whatsoever.

In these pages, and long before it was cool, we said that “Fake News” is what the left, and NPR, do. If you want so see that, search “Fake News NPR” in our search box. The point is that what they really, truly, present as “news” is nothing more than fake news.

— xPraetorius


(1) We’ve been calling NPR’s “news” programs “fake news” for a very long time. Long before bemoaning fake news was really cool. Just search “Fake News NPR” in our Search box to see.

(2) There is, of course, no such thing as “settled science.”

(3) What Siegel didn’t know was that his correct assertion invalidated the entire feature.

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