NPR Watch – 12/21/16 (Part II) — “South Sudan Threatens to Tarnish Obama’s Legacy”

South Sudan got its independence as a country, with the aid of the United States, in 2011. Then, it steadily descended into bloody civil war, and has become nothing but a killing ground ever since.

One commentator came on and said that since the United States was doing nothing about it, that threatened to “tarnish President Obama’s legacy.”


A Serious Question: What, anywhere in the world, doesn’t tarnish Obama’s legacy?

Here are some more stains on it:

  • Nuclear North Korea — wasn’t nuclear under G.W. Bush
  • Nuclear Iran — wasn’t nuclear under G.W. Bush
  • Libya — a stable U.S. ally, or at least neutral, under GW Bush
  • Syria — no bloody civil war
  • Iraq — was a stable democracy under GW Bush
  • ISIS — barely existed under GW Bush. Obama’s policies allowed them to rise, to flourish and then murder tens of thousands.
  • Afghanistan — war was winding down under GW Bush
  • Europe — there were not regular, bloody terrorist attacks under GW Bush. Islamic terror, was down, but not out. Obama resurrected it.
  • Crimea — was stolen from Ukraine under Obama
  • Russia — was a powerful, but not hostile, international player under GW Bush
  • Obamacare — not under GW Bush
  • Under Obama: Massive increase in dependence on food stamps
  • Under Obama: Massive increase in dependence on “state services,” ie the forced charity of others
  • Under Obama: Massive decrease in the number of people actually working, or seeking work, in the country.
  • The IRS perpetrating the greatest crime against American Civil Rights in American history, and Obama says it’s nothing.
  • Benghazi

Can someone please name for me something in the last eight years that is not a stain on Obama’s legacy? Please choose something unambiguously positive that he’s accomplished. I’ll give you what I think is the only thing: the elimination of Osama bin Laden. Even with that, how much better would it have been if bin Laden had been captured and not killed? It’s long been my contention that Obama mucked up even his greatest foreign policy triumph.(1)

Yes, yes, yes, I know that I open myself up to the charge that I’d characterize anything Obama does as a failure, and that’s a fair charge. However, I’ve often made the case that even in Obama’s America, it’s still better to be an American than anything else in the world, so I do keep things in perspective.

Now back to my original question: Can anyone name something somewhere that should make anyone think positively of Obama’s tenure in the White House?

— xPraetorius


(1) How completely typical that Obama’s one single, solitary triumph in eight long years of blather and fogwash, failure and incoherence, consists in the killing of someone.







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