NPR Watch – 12/21/16 — Do The Democrats Lie, or Are They Just Stupid?

I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) on the way into work today. The local NPR affiliate did a feature on Elizabeth Esty, one of Connecticut’s bevy of really, really pathetic representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives. In the interview, Esty said some truly stupid things that led me to pose the question in the headline of this essay.

First she said that “People are really alarmed out there.” Presumably, this is because of the upcoming arrival of Donald Trump into the White House.

Okay. I believe her. But then, people are “really alarmed” out there — myself included, for example — whenever a President arrives whose ideology is, well, alarming to them. I’ve spent eight years being, correctly, alarmed by the Obama Administration.

Was Esty trying to imply, by saying what she said, that no one at all has been “alarmed out there” during the Obama Presidency? Seriously? She’s either trying to push a truly audacious lie, or Esty’s massively stupid. Or both.

So, saying that “people are alarmed out there,” is likely nothing more than a cheap ploy to begin the process of endlessly repeating the whole “Trump and the Republicans are alarming (and evil)” mantra that became the official song of the Democrats as of November 9.

Then, Esty said something kind of baffling. She said that what’s different about everything now is that “really little people” are alarmed.

Huh? “Really little people?” What are those? Presumably, she meant that the really, really poor, or the really, really disadvantaged were especially alarmed now. The rest of the interview would lead one to believe that my conclusion is correct.

However, it’s interesting, and instructive, to see how the left views their “base.” As if they’re ants or something. As if they’re “really little people.”

Why is this significant? Well, in your mind, imagine a “really little person.” Got it? Now, how does that person live his life? Well, he doesn’t. More to the point, he can’t. Because he’s a really little person. He can’t, that is, unless someone — like the Elizabeth Esty’s of the world — “help” him. With welfare, and services, and programs, and centers, and food stamps, and AFDC, and WIC and SNAP and the whole litany of government poisons designed to sap the independence of their client base.

By “really little people,” Esty revealed that the Democrats mean lesser people.

Next Esty lavished praise upon herself telling of how she was able to work with a Republican committee chairman, despite the “fact that he doesn’t believe in Climate Change.”

This is the oft-repeated Big Leftist Lie. There’s not a single, solitary person in the Republican Party who doesn’t believe in climate change. Not one. Can anyone tell me the reason why? It’s pretty simple. We all learned somewhere back in the third grade that the climate does nothing but change. The only actual question is: to what extent does human activity contribute to the changing of the climate?

This is the only question that the environmentalist movement, of which Esty is a card-carrying member, has refused to ask. Why? Simple: no one has the teentsiest, weentsiest, slightest hint of a scintilla of an iota of a clue as to what extent human activity changes the climate. There’s not even broad agreement that human activity warms the climate!(1) The whole “greenhouse gases” theory is nothing more than that: a theory. And there are lots and lots and lots of actual climate scientists who say that it’s a bunch of codswallop.

— xPraetorius


(1) There are still more questions that the environmentalists have never asked either. Here’s one; one that I guarantee you’ve never seen: Do humans do anything that contributes to lower temperatures? Anything at all? The answer is: yes, we do. So, here are two statements, both of which are undisputed, undeniable facts: (1) Some human activity contributes to increased temperatures on the planet, but no one knows to what extent. And, (2): Some human activity contributes to lower temperatures on the planet, but no one knows to what extent.



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