The New Racists – Waving the Banner of Anti-Racism

Someone once said (and we’ve mentioned it here more than once) something to the effect that “the new fascists will come waving the banner of anti-fascism.

There are a couple of blogs where, if you’re a white person, the blogger hates you for that, and for that alone. And they call themselves “anti-racism” bloggers.

Note: by “blog,” I mean: the blogger him or herself, as well as the crowd of followers, commenters, admirers, hangers-on who contribute regularly either to the content of the blog itself, or to the comments section.

Those racist bloggers are: BrothaWolf and Abagond.

The new racists are here, and they’re waving the banner of anti-racism.

The follow up to the phrase up top — the one about “the new fascists” — is that the new fascists will spend their time accusing non-fascists of, you guessed it: being fascists.

Likewise, you can tell who the real, the virulent, the hostile, bigoted, narrow-minded racists in America are: they’re the ones whining most operatically about racism.

— xPraetorius









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