Let’s Not Forget — the OTHER Results of “The Hacking”

Whoever hacked into the various data stores of the Democrat Party did sway the election a little. Was it decisive? No. Obviously not. Still, it’s important to know exactly what happened.

Also, it’s important to point out some other important things that we also learned:

  • The so-called party of technology and science — the Democrat Party — was too technologically inept to prevent itself from being hacked.
  • Whoever did the hacking, you and I both know that they at least tried to hack into the Republican data stores as well. Did they succeed? Can’t tell. Better find out.
  • The released documents showed that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, decrepit, washed-up, clueless, old half-wit. She appears to have been entirely capable of losing the election all by herself.
  • The released documents showed the Democrat Party leadership to be thoroughly corrupt. Democrats manipulated the already corrupt media, cheated in the televised debates, colluded to stop the admittedly execrable Bernie Sanders in the primaries.
  • We’ve said it here many, many times — and the released documents confirmed it: The toxic combination of decades of Democrat/Leftist power hunger, faced with a corrupt, incurious media corps have meant that the thinking of the left has long been lazy, unexercised, unchallenged, fat, flabby,old, shallow, immature, fatuous … decrepit. No wonder they nominated Hillary — she was the very image of the left’s thinking.
  • The documents showed — again — just how manipulable the media actually are.
  • No one was surprised that longtime Democrat operative and CNN hack, Donna Brazile, was caught cheating on behalf of Hillary Clinton in the debates against now President-elect Donald Trump. The only question was whether any Democrat operatives in the media would get caught, and who it would be.
  • Let’s face it: Donna Brazile wasn’t the only Dem to be cheating. She was the only one that got caught. Correction: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, then head of the Democrat Party was caught sabotaging the execrable Bernie Sanders. These were not the only ones… just the only ones to get caught.
  • The documents and circumstances revealed that the Democrats themselves recognized Hillary Clinton’s feebleness. Remember how she was supposedly the brilliant, smartest-in-the-world policy wonk? Why would such an intellectual powerhouse need to cheat? Read this one well. The Democrat Party leadership knows how feeble their party’s thinking is, so you can expect them to lie, and cheat, and defraud, and lie, and steal, and hack, and lie, and fabricate, and slander, and lie some more … and to depend on their water-carriers in the media to call it all legitimate.
  • Conservative/Republican ideas are not fat and flabby, because as soon as they become known, they’re automatically, reflexively met with a cacophony of sneering and jeering from the left, from academia, pop culture and the media. The Conservative/Republican formulators of such thoughts and ideas have to debate those notions rigorously, finding out in private how they hold up against the inevitable snarling accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, et al,  before they even bring them to light.
  • A little thought exercise: Imagine that the Republicans had been hacked. The probable result? The resulting document dump wouldn’t have shown nearly as much corruption. The Republicans simply don’t have as much opportunity to cheat, because the media are scrutinizing them, at a nearly proctological level. Why even bother hacking the GOP? Anything you might learn, you probably already know.

— xPraetorius





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