Knowns and Unknowns

Some thoughts I had during the election cycle. I didn’t finish this post then, but the conclusions are still valid, even after the election is over.

  • Known: Hillary Clinton is, herself, massively corrupt.
  • Known: We called it: the report is that it’s virtually certain that “at least five hostile intelligence agencies” hacked into the private e-mail server that Hillary Clinton used during her tenure as Secretary of State.
  • Known: Therefore: Hillary Clinton exposed the United States to an existential threat. This is, indeed, the very definition of treason.
  • Unknown: Why? America has not been cruel to Hillary. Her life has been pretty good.
  • Known: If you or I were to have done what it is known that Hillary did, we’d be facing a lifetime in jail. I say this with huge sadness. I have no respect for Hillary, but I hate to see someone who was simply out of her element technologically face such stern consequences due to simple ignorance. Yes, her greed and ambition drove her to it, but it’s plain that she’s so ignorant of technology that she thought she could get away with it.
  • Known: Hillary bills herself as the candidate of the forward-thinking party, the technology party, the party of science. All these things that have come crashing down on her power-crazed, helmet-headed noggin are caused by a massive ignorance of the very basics of technology. We said in these pages that the “BleachBit” didn’t get rid of the e-mails, that it might have cleared them from the local hard drive, but they existed in all manner of devices, servers, firewall appliances, devices of many kinds, and that they were all out there for anyone with a basic understanding of how these things work to find.
  • Known: The Democrat Party is a sham through and through. Every policy position they ever take is sold to the American people with right-wing language, left-wing intent, and no possibility of doing what they say it will do. If you remember only that, you will have a nearly sufficient understanding of the Democrat Party. The rest is just filling in the details.
  • Unknown: How deep does the corruption in the Democrat Party go? A political party consists, broadly speaking, of its leadership and its voter base and supporters. The leadership of the Democrat Party — essentially its elected officials — is, it appears, unanimously corrupt. How far into the ranks of the voter base and supporters that corruption extends I don’t know.

— xPraetorius

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