Take Heart!

Sometimes it appears that the tide of history is moving inexorably leftward, forcing everyone, even the intelligent and rational, down that nonsensical, irrational, larboard path.

Worse, it appears that there’s no possibility of even dealing with the movers and shakers of that leftward trajectory, whose only argumentation is the dumb-as-a-rock list of accusations we on the right have all heard so many times.

Their argumentation is dumb-as-a-rock, because most of them are dumb-as-rocks. How do you deal with dumb-as-a-rock? Well, really, you can’t.

Worse, the Supreme Court — jammed with people whose brains are overflowing with erudition — seems to produce stupid decision after idiotic conclusion after empty-headed finding. The high court is ample proof that education is not the same thing as intelligence. Nor is it the same thing as wisdom, integrity or honesty.

That tribunal ludicrously has a left-wing and a right-wing. Here’s how that works. The wing labeled “Right” produces decisions that are generally consistent with the court’s actual mission: to interpret the Constitution. The wing called “Left” produces only decisions that are consistent with a left-wing ideology.

It’s absolutely ludicrous that there should be a left- or right-wing on such an assemblage. But there is. And it’s because of that “left-wing;” because of their decision to place ideology before the Constitution.

On the one hand, there are the dumb-as-a-rock ones, and then there are the highly educated dumb-as-a-rock ones. Dumb-as-a-rock is everywhere!

How do we, we Conservatives, deal with all that? And why should we take heart, as the above headline suggests?

Simple. Despite decades of all that left-wing sludge — despite decades of lock-step, left-wing media corruption, decades of stifling any challenge to idiotic ideas in secondary education, decades of pop culture’s hectoring and haranguing, decades of a tsunami of left-wing propaganda slamming down on our heads each day… despite all that, in 2016 we elected the (nominally at least) Republican candidate to the Presidency, a Republican House of Representatives, and a Republican Senate.

Despite the warm bath of left-wing spittle in which we all marinate 24/7/365, the ideas, the thinking of Conservatism are … strong. Really strong.(1)

How can that be? That’s simple too. Miraculously, against all the odds and in complete opposition to the prevailing “culture,” not everyone is stupid. Evidently many, many Americans think for themselves, and make it known — courageously these days — that they do.

There is a worrisome thing: Conservative ideas are really strong, but we struggle to win hearts, minds … and elections, with them.

Conservative ideas  stand up to the test of time, and they make sense. Furthermore, there’s a vast reservoir of belief in America — of economic, religious, social belief — that’s purely Conservative. It’s possible that the vast majority of Americans, on the left and the right, raise their children in ways that could only be called “Conservative.”

Don’t cheat on your husband or wife; don’t steal; don’t harm others; don’t speak ill of others; do help others out; do be generous, kind, thrifty, faithful … Most everyone believes in these solid, rock-ribbed, intelligent, rational, decent, Conservative values. But yet, despite all that, we Conservatives are constantly struggling simply to stay where we are, much less roll back the left-wing juggernaut.

Leftist ideas are flabby, weak, full of holes like swiss cheese, because they need never defend themselves against a hostile press, academic community or pop culture. What that means is, really, our ideas are actually a lot stronger than theirs. A lot more pervasive in the hearts and minds of Americans. So why, then, do we have to struggle so much to make our voices heard, to elect our candidates, to live according to our values and attitudes?

What the left doesn’t understand is that the left-wing media, academia and pop culture do them no favors in automatically, uncritically cheering and slobbering over every sophomoric pronouncement from them, as if it were the most profound of wisdom.

Such ideas can’t last, but they can win the game todayOver time, though, such fads inevitably go away because they’re not thought through. So they fail and have to be scrapped.

This is actually slightly by design. In formulating their wacky notions, the left isn’t focused on how they’ll withstand the test of time, but rather on their own Prime Directive: How can I say this so that it’ll help me obtain and keep power.

They know instinctively that they have to (1) sell their plans in language that conceals their real intent, and (2) that they must defend them with accusations they know are lies. They aren’t all dumb-as-rocks on the left. Some of them, generally in the leadership, know that (1) lying in the selling of the idea, and (2) lying in defense of the idea mean that (3) the idea itself is feeble at best.

In  that vein, they say things like, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.” Which really means: “If you like your plan, tough noogies for you. Period.” And: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.” Which means: “If you like your doctor, tough noogies for you. Period”

Things like that.

However, the ideas of the left are today’s fads. They can’t last because they don’t work.

Many want things like Obamacare, because the stated intent for it is to “reduce healthcare costs,” and who doesn’t want that?

Many want “marriage equality,” because it just doesn’t seem fair that some would be denied what others have normally.

Many want us to give money, food, housing, to the poor, because who doesn’t want the poor to live better?

But government meddling in the health care always increases costs, and gays are not normal, and the poor become dependent on other people’s money, and everyone is the poorer for society’s having adopted all these fads. But, they’ll go away eventually, as do all idiotic ideas.

Leftist ideas are like disco, while the right is like Mozart. When disco was all the rage, many people thought there was nothing better. Yet, disco flourished, burned bright … and disappeared. While Mozart endures.

The problem is that leftist ideas and policy prescriptions — disco — make normal people miserable for a while, then go away. They rear their ugly heads and everyone thinks they’re beautiful, because they’re all gussied up in pretty words and flowery sentiments. Then, well-ensconced in public policy, they drop their disguises, reveal themselves for the pinched, crabbed, hideous harridans they are, and after a lot of howling and hissing, and scratching and clawing, they’re forced out.

Disco is gone. Mozart endures. Take heart!

— xPraetorius


(1) We’ve often said in these pages: “The facts of life are Conservative, but society’s white noise is nearly all left-wing.




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