Vital, Existential Requirement for the Trump Administration

What is the vital, existential requirement for the Trump Administration? Simple: By word and deed, de-legitimize the Socialist wing of the Democrat Party.

This is the Bernie Sanders wing, the bunch that look fondly at the people whose efforts and thinking are slowly strangling Europe, are opening Europe and elsewhere to deadly muslim migration, and already have murdered more than 120 million people, outside any wars.

Socialism is death.

Slow or fast.

Bernie Sanders, and other pseudo-intellectual clodpoles, say they believe in democratic socialism(1) You know, just a little bit of Socialism… not enough to kill the country outright — as it did in Russia, Communist China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, and elsewhere — but just enough to make things better for the little guy.

If you read that, and you substitute for “Socialism,” the word, say, “heroin,” you have a bit of an indication of how Socialism acts within a society: For a while you start to feel better about your country, all while it’s getting sicker and sicker at a fundamental level.

When someone looks you in the eyes and calls himself a Socialist, he’s telling you one of only three things: (1) He doesn’t mind if you die — either slowly or quickly, or (2) he’s too ignorant to know what “Socialism” means. Which means, by extension, (2a) He’s too stupid to find out about Socialism before he calls himself a Socialist.

Yes, a generalization is possible here: All Socialists are either deeply evil or really ignorant, and therefore stupid.

It is an existential requirement of us Americans to recognize that Socialism is what it is, and to announce it at the tops of our lungs to everyone we see.

— xPraetorius


(1) The term, “Democratic Socialism” is a bit like “medicinal cancer,” or “objective journalism.” These things all hang out with unicorns and tooth fairies in Atlantis.




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