Hooray for Nancy Pelosi!

Item: Nancy Pelosi was re-elected leader of the minority Democrats in the House of Representatives.

If you’re a Conservative, or a Republican, then you’re saying nothing more than, “Hooray!”

Nancy Pelosi, the once and apparently future, leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, is a … Loser. With a capital “L.”

When the Democrats last won a national election — not counting the Presidential — Pelosi became the Speaker of the House. Then, her actions, along with those of her partners in government, Harry Reid, and one Barack Obama, did everything they possibly could to make the Democrats the most loathed political party in America.

The American voters rewarded Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats appropriately. They threw most of them out on their glutei maximi(1).

The worst thing that could happen to this country is the triumph of the state of mind of half-witted clodpoles like Nancy Pelosi, so it’s a great thing that this colossal loser has retained her leadership position in the one party that takes her idiotic worldview seriously.

— xPraetorius


(1) Not sure if that’s the correct term, but I like it, so I’ll use it. It means: ummmmm… “backsides.”



6 thoughts on “Hooray for Nancy Pelosi!

  1. The deal announced today states that Carrier will keep 1,069 jobs in the US in exchange for $7 million , over 10 years, in tax breaks from Indiana. These jobs on average make about $30 an hour. Full time workers on average work 2,087 hours a year so that means 1,069 (2087)($30) gives you approximately $67 million dollars in income a year. The state tax rate in Indiana is 3.3% so $67 million (0.033) gives you about $2.2 million dollars in state income a year while the state is only giving Carrier a $700,000 tax break a year. Indiana is getting a 300% return, per year, on their investment. This doesn’t take into account the extra flow of money into the economy and Carrier’s plan to invest $16 million into the plant itself. Liberals who are complaining about this deal need to learn basic math.

    1. Thank you, Tricia, for your kind words.

      A couple of things are interesting here. (1) the surprising tenacity with which the left hold onto their losing leaders, and (2) the readiness on the part of the right to shed those who lead losing efforts.

      There are parallels to the rest of the world here.

      We see people like Castro, Mao, Lenin, Stalin who suffer loss after loss after loss, but who cling tenaciously to their positions of leadership, until they finally obtain power. At which point, they do what they can to lock it down.

      On the political right, though, as soon as a leader suffers a loss, he or she is shunted to the side, in favor of someone else who has to take the loss into account and posit new thinking in response.

      There are few, if any, major leaders of the right who took — and held onto — power for any length of time.

      Think of them. On the right:
      Reagan — 8 years
      Thatcher — 11 years

      On the left:
      Stalin — 24 years
      Mao — 28 years
      Ho Chi Minh — 1952 until his death
      The Kims — from accession until their deaths
      Castro — 47 years

      And so on…

      As result of this general, world-wide tendency, the right has all the good ideas, the substantive, deep, intelligent thinking … While the left has … power.


      — x

      1. Good observations x. I think another major factor is also the level of denial the far left is in over people not accepting their agenda for anything other than being racist yahoos. Self reflection offers enormous growth and learning opportunities which the right, fortunately, has been doing, although not as quick as some of us would like. 😉

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