The Carrier “Deal”

Just some quick observations. First: what’s this with “deals” all of a sudden. What ever happened to “agreements,” “accords,” “treaties?” I understand that as soon as you call something a “treaty,” then you have to have Congressional approval, but then, so go ahead and make your case and get it!

Anyway … as happy as I am that those 1,000 or so families in Indiana will have a much better Christmas this year, I also have the following observations:

  • Companies leaving the country should not be seen as enemies, but as crucial messengers, bringing vital understanding about the state of the economy. The message is simple: we find the business climate to be better elsewhere. So — FIX THE FLARGIN’ BUSINESS CLIMATE!!! … Duh!
  • Or, slightly more dignifiedly: The response to the potential or real departure of companies from America ought to be: make the business climate in America better. Period.
  • Companies leave America because of ridiculous taxation; massive, ridiculous regulation; ridiculous interference by the central government and by ridiculously non-credible interest groups, like environmentalists and the various grievance industry segments. Catching a theme here? Get rid of the ridiculous in all that, and companies will beg to come here, not leave.
  • No President should be able to tell any company what to do. Period. This is not — yet — a monarchy. Or a dictatorship.
  • To his credit, Trump said that he’d improve the business climate. Furthermore, the things he said he’d do to achieve that goal, are the right things: reduce taxation, regulation, governmental interference. Get rid of, or dramatically shrink, the ridiculous impediments to business success in America. That would be a great thing for the country, for all the people … and for the world.
  • It would be nice if Trump could find a way to remove the massive and, yes, ridiculous, regulation on individuals as well. Think: Health care, DMV, taxes, taxes and more taxes, as well as federal, state and local requirements (recycle this, license that, permit this, fee for that … ) for a whole pile of crap that bring no value to life, but add aggravation, inconvenience and pain.
  • Still, it was nice to rub this in the face of the pathetic Obama Administration. To hear Josh Earnest snivel ever so defensively in response to a question about the deal was, by itself, worth way more than the price of admission.

Gotta go! Still dodging projectiles hurled with churlish intent, in the pursuit of making the world safe for democracy.

— xPraetorius


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