Castro’s Dead (Part V)

I’ve written a bunch about Fidel Castro… especially now, at the first time in decades he’s actually done something right in his life … and died.

Each time I wrote of him, I felt as if I’d spent a little time in the presence of the monster — even just thinking about him. It was kind of one of those, “I feel like I need to take a shower” sort of things.

It’s true… in these pages, we’ve written a whole lot of things here about monsters, scoundrels, jerks, villains, mass murderers and petty dastards, corrupt frauds and lying hucksters.

But enough about the media.

We’ve written extensively in these pages about Castro, Stalin, Hitler, Hillary, Manson, Obama, Dahmer, Kermit Gosnell, and so many more horrendous villains of America.

A staff researcher of ours checked on our collected writings, and in the past five years, since the inception of our low-profile, but increasingly influential blog, we’ve assembled the equivalent of approximately 15 six-hundred page books.

In most of that vast library of content, we’ve exposed scoundrels and bounders for what and who they are.

It’s painful to focus on those dastards. There is great beauty in life. After the births of my children I used to say, “There’s such great beauty all around us in life. We need simply to go out there and find it.” Or, “We need to adjust our attitude to see it. It’s right there in front of us.”

We all understand this. You may say that, no, we don’t … and I’ll shoot right back, yes, we do, and I’ll prove it to you. It’s easy too.


Step outside for a moment. Look around you. See that grass? Remember the saying? “It’s like watching grass grow.” Boring, right? In fact, the very definition of boring. Not to a botanist. Or to an herbologist, or a florist, an artist, a philosopher, a priest…

How about those clouds over there? Big deal, right?  Whatever, right? Yep. A big deal … to a meteorologist, a climatologist (if there are any left untainted by environmentalism 🙂 ) a physicist, an astronomer…

How about that pebble that just annoyed the heck out of your bare foot? A geologist loves it! So does a mineralogist.How about a chemist? Yep. Him too. And a philosopher, of course. And a writer. And a blogger.

Look at anything at all around you and you point out to me something that someone somewhere has not found endlessly fascinating, massively beautiful, completely mesmerizing, ceaselessly compelling… life-changing. Were those people wrong to have found such fascination in things that look so … ordinary to others? Of course not.

So, there it is… Beauty, fascination, excitement … it’s all around you.

It’s in the air you breathe, it’s even in the things you and your body reject as waste at the end of a big meal.

That, perhaps, is the proper way to think of Fidel Castro: as a big load of noxious waste that the human body, writ large, has finally expelled in order (1) just to get rid of it, and (2) to make room for something vastly better.

So, with all that said, I feel honor-bound to present to you this:


Please watch, listen and … smile. A very, very ugly era has passed in Cuba. It behooves us to stop, pause, take stock and realize that there is better, so much better than that which has so recently slithered its dirty self out of our lives.

To assist in that effort, the above is an example of what creative minds, big hearts, magnificent imaginations and great souls can do together. It’s a much better thing to have in your head than … well, you know.

— xPraetorius






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