Castro’s Dead (Part II)

Okay, okay, okay…

In this post here, we said only, “Good riddance.” We wanted to sum up Castro, and that was, we thought, the best, most succinct way.

Yes, though, there’s more.

Castro and Eternity:

I admit that the first thing I did was to pray for Castro’s soul. Each of us has his own relationship with God. I prayed that Castro had finally come to Him to ask for forgiveness, through Jesus Christ, for his sins against man and God.

then asked my Creator to forgive Castro whether or not he ever realized, and came to grips with, all the vast evil he’d done. Because that’s what we do. In 10,000 years, what will it matter what we did to others? What we did with and for God is the only thing of any lasting real meaning.

In 10,000 years, our vengeful feelings or acts of today, our desire for earthly justice, our passion for fairness and equality … won’t matter in the least. All that will have mattered then will be how we were with God. That’s it. So, in that light, I prayed that Fidel Castro received eternal salvation — whether he deserved it today or not. Yes, I even did that for the loathsome bin Laden. Because they — Castro and bin Laden — were loathsome to me, but they were God’s children, and were important to, and loved by, Him.

It’s important also to pray for the victims of the bin Laden’s and Castro’s of history. That their walk on Earth was also with God. The reason for that is easy: if your walk through life is in the company of God, that renders the puny efforts of vile creatures like Castro … irrelevant, pathetic, meaningless. Let them do what they will, you have eternity. How does their eternity look?

The Leftist Tyrant’s American Acolytes:

Castro is a hero only to a shrinking segment of America’s population. Generally only those in academia, pop culture and more obscure corners of the media still think of him as something admirable, not the monster that he was. Note, also, that the only ones who still admire Castro are those who are very much detached from reality.

It’s important to note also, that if the media were to allow the true story of Cuba for the past more than fifty years to come out, then Castro would find his proper place in history: on its ash heap. Along with the other bloodthirsty scoundrels composting today on that malodorous pile.

Castro in Two Words:

If forced to come up with a couple of words to sum up Castro, those words would be power mad.

How else to describe someone who would take over a country, rule it completely, make speeches that lasted hours and hours and hours? How many times have you demanded of your neighbor that he listen to your deep thinking for hours on end? Only the power mad can do that.

Needless to say, “power mad” contains components of narcissism, vanity, self-obsession. In small measure, these are the most visible characteristics of the neurotic flower children of the 1960’s. In much larger measure, they’re the traits of the psychotic tyrant. Fidel Castro had those personality characteristics in abundance; he was that tyrant.

Castro the Change Agent:

Castro was a constant reminder that “change” is meaningless. He brought about “change.” He turned Cuba into a land of serfdom. He set Cuba back hundreds of years into what we used to see in medieval Europe.

All that matters is improvement. Making things better, not just changing them. Anyone can change things — really, that’s all we do. The trick is to make them better. Castro changed things alright. And he made them a lot worse.

This is the history of the political left around the world. Look at the places where leftists seized absolute power in various countries around the world.

  • In Russia, the left took over from a generally corrupt, autocratic monarchy … and launched a 75-year bloodbath.
  • In China, the left took over a primitive, agrarian society … and launched a bloodbath on a scale never before seen in human history.
  • Cambodia, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Africa, Albania and the rest of Eastern Europe — laid waste by the left that took over in bad circumstances … and made things immeasurably worse.

Bottom line: more than 120 million dead, murdered by the goons of the political left. Mass murder? Enslavement? Bringing back serfdom? That’s change, alright! To quote President Obama: That’s the kind of change Castro believed in.

In Miami, a Heartening Reaction:

How nice to see the population of Cuban refugees and expats in Miama taking to the streets in celebration. How nice to see that they have something to celebrate! How nice to see those faces filled with hope!

A quick remark about “hope.” Are you, like me, tired of people offering “hope” to us all? Hope is great and all, but if it never turns into real improvement then the hope was useless, futile, cruel … stupid.

Here’s hoping that the hope shining from the faces of the Cubans in Miami is well-placed, and will result in real, true good … results. For crying out loud, the dastard was in power for almost 60 years, and there was nothing that anyone could reasonably call improvement in Cuba! Sixty years! Three generations wasted on one ridiculous jackass of a man’s narcissism and hunger for power

Castro — the Bottom Line:

Bottom line: I’m glad he’s gone; I won’t miss him. Few will, except the hopelessly deluded, blinkered, pampered, ivory tower trolls populating American university faculties. I hope he repented at the end, and went to Heaven. He was like an intestinal blockage; now that Cuba’s rid of him, maybe they can get rid of a whole bunch of other noxious waste. I hope so.


— xPraetorius










4 thoughts on “Castro’s Dead (Part II)

  1. “He was like an intestinal blockage”, well that pretty much sums things up in my view, all said.

    Seriously though I wonder what possesses the Left to be in such thrall of the Castro’s of this world and get all google eyed over top down, central government planning? Just what is it about individual freedom do they despise so much?

    They are not stupid, at least not the ones I know so I almost wonder if it’s a wiring in the brain they are born with. It’s a constant battle with these people. That’s I so appreciate blogs like this that being attention to such none sense. Keep it up!

  2. Thank you, Tricia, for your very kind words!

    I loved your essay, linked above! Right on the nose! Thanks for contributing intelligent, actually sane, reality-based thoughts about the demise of Castro!


    — x

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