Predictions (Part IV)


We had this prediction in the queue, but the media beat us to the punch. Fox and Friends this morning announced that President Obama has said he’ll remain on the scene somehow after his term ends on January 20th of next year.

Granted, we knew this would happen, but dog-GONE! Are these people like herpes or what?!?

It seems as though you get rid of them, and they come back … and go away and come back … and go away and come back.

It goes on and on and on and on with them! Some examples. Clinton, Pelosi, Reid,

Why is this? Well, it’s pretty simple. The Democrats rarely live real lives before they latch onto the government like a remora.(1) Look at their candidates. They nearly always glom onto “government service” after something like an Ivy League education. And that’s it. That’s all they do, until old age or some unforeseen scandal or, heaven forfend, an election! forces them off the victim’s, errr… the people’s back.

Want some examples?

  • 2016: Hillary Clinton, brief unsuccessful stint as a lawyer, then career-long politician vs. Donald Trump, highly successful businessman.
  • 2012: Barack Obama, career-long politician vs. Mitt Romney, highly successful business man, then politician.
  • 2008: Barack Obama, career-long politician vs. John McCain, career soldier, war hero,the politician.
  • 2004: John Kerry, brief stint in the military, then career-long politician vs. George W. Bush, successful businessman, then politician.
  • 2000: Al Gore, career-long politician vs. George W. Bush, successful businessman, then politician.
  • 1996: Bill Clinton, career-long politician vs. Bob Dole, World War II hero, then career-long politician. One of the Republican exceptions that prove the rule.
  • 1992: Bill Clinton, career-long politician vs. George H.W. Bush, successful oilman, then politician.
  • 1988: George H.W. Bush, successful oilman, then politician vs. Michael Dukakis, career-long politician.
  • 1984: Walter Mondale, career-long politician vs. Ronald Reagan, long-time successful actor, then politician.
  • 1980: Jimmy Carter, successful businessman, then politician (another exception that proves the rule) vs. Ronald Reagan, long-time successful actor, then politician.

This country has had, in complete opposition to all the principles of democratic rule, dynasties. Entire families devoting their lives and careers to obtaining power for themselves and their progeny. The Roosevelts, Kennedys, Clintons… The Republicans have the Bushes. While this disease affects both sides of the political fence, it thoroughly infests the left.

The reason for that is simple: the left believe in obtaining and retaining power. Period. They do not believe in relinquishing that power, even when forced to by institutions that are even more powerful then they are.

Republicans have bought into, well, Republicanism; the idea that power comes as the result of the consent of the governed. It’s why whenever the Republicans lose an election, the top leadership of the party steps down and returns to … real life.

The examples are numerous, along with the examples of Democrats clinging obsessively to power despite leading massive electoral losses. Here are some:

  • Republicans who stepped down from positions of vast power after electoral losses: Gingrich, Livingston, Frist.
  • Democrats clinging to vast power despite leadership roles in repeated electoral losses: Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid.

We Conservatives should embrace this phenomenon enthusiastically. The more the left lose, the more tenaciously they clutch their power to themselves, and the more desperate they become to keep it. Because they generally have nothing to which to return that intoxicates them like power.

Power. It’s why Democrats become Democrats.

That’s why, also, the ideas of the left are old, fat, flabby, easy to defeat. The left is riddled with career leftists in its ranks, while the right circulates people in and out much more regularly.

The left worship at the altar of their ideology; the right are obsessed with solving the problems of the time.

The left have one tool only: their ideology. It’s a hammer, so every problem looks to them like a nail. Hence, every solution of theirs involves only consolidating ever more power centrally … in their hands.

And it’s why, like herpes, you just can’t ever be rid of ’em.

— xPraetorius


(1) I love the opening paragraph of the Wikipedia entry for “remora.” Here it is:

The remoras (remora pronounced /rəˈmɔːrə/ or /ˈrɛmərə/), sometimes called suckerfish, are a family (Echeneidae) of ray-finned fish in the order Perciformes

Suckerfish!” Does that sound like Democrat Party politicians, or what?!?

My image breaks down a bit, when one finds out that the remora’s parasitical relationship with its host is sometimes mutually beneficial. Parasitical Democrat politicians practically never benefit their host, the country.

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