Dear Mr. President: Please Shut up

President Obama is running around the world lecturing Donald Trump on how he should comport himself in foreign policy for the next four years. That’s a bit like the Washington Generals lecturing others on how to win basketball games. Then it’s like watching them do some kind of victory lap after having lost their, what 1,500th straight game to the Globetrotters?

Yes, I’m sure Obama is blissfully unaware that everything he’s ever touched in the realm of foreign affairs has turned to rancid, stinking, putrescent snorg. That, thanks to his ever so enlightened and far-sighted “leadership,” we now have:

  • Nuclear North Korea
  • Nuclear Iran
  • The Middle East ablaze
  • Russia rising, having stolen Crimea and parts of Ukraine … unimpeded.
  • Disaster in Libya
  • Benghazi
  • ISIS
  • Tens of thousands dead who died needlessly
  • China steadily invading the South China Sea
  • More…

Not one flargin’ thing in the world got better as a result of Barack Obama’s blighted tenure in the White House. Not one thing. That he’s presuming to tell anyone how to conduct foreign affairs is surreal.

I figure that no one’s really listening — except the media in America — but we have to take all his ridiculous pronouncements ever so seriously, because we call him Mr. President.

What Obama says is, by definition, a bunch of codswallop. He’s a buffoon and a failure.

So, please, Mr. President … just shut up. For once. Do just one flargin’ thing right in your eight execrable years in office, and zip it.

— xPraetorius


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