NPR Watch (11/15/16) — Another Howler Heard Today on NPR

As you know, I listen to National Public Radio (NPR), because then I get a complete understanding of what the left is thinking, if that’s what you can call it.

This evening as I drove home, the very silly empty-headed Mara Liasson came on and said, “Blah blah blah blah blah a chaotic transition blah blah blah.”

Yep. I don’t remember what all the “blah blah’s” were, but “a chaotic transition” is a direct quote, and Liasson was speaking, of course, of President-elect Trump’s activities as he prepares to take over the White House from the execrable Barack Obama.

A “chaotic transition?


Hello! Yo, Doofus! The election was one flargin’ week ago!  Seven flargin’ days!

Inauguration Day isn’t until January flargin’ 20th, something like 66 flargin’ days from today!


National Public Radio has some of the gawrshawrful stooooopidest analysts in broadcast media!

Note to readers: I hear at least a half-dozen over-the-top-and-around-the-bend ridiculously pathetic howlers like that one each time I tune into one of NPR’s fake news programs — either Morning Edition or All Things Considered. I hear a further dozen each time that merit at least honorable mention. However, I can’t relay them all, because I’m driving when I hear them, and I can’t concentrate on the road and remember them all.

So, you have my apologies. You miss a whole lot of funnies…which is the only way to consume NPR: For the sheer, laugh-out-loud hilarity of listening in while a bunch of preening, hyper full-of-themselves, not-too-bright, pseudo-sophisticates take themselves very, very seriously, and at great length.

— xPraetorius






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