The Drudge Headline Says…

[MIT-Professor Noam] CHOMSKY: ‘Republican Party Most Dangerous Organization in World History’…

My reaction: If only!

The Republican Party’s principal problem is hardly that it’s dangerous; no, the GOP has a milquetoast problem.

The ideas of the left are so stupid, so fat, flaccid and feeble — by virtue of the Republicans’ not having challenged them aggressively, decisively and robustly — that if we were to come after them, if we actually were, you know, dangerous, those ideas would fall like the hollowed-out, long dead things they are.

If only the Republicans were dangerous to the nitwittery and jackassery of the left! The United States, and the world, would be a whole lot better off!

Crackpot lefty, Noam Chomsky is a learned linguist … and a complete moron. He’s as far left as you can be without being Stalin. Heck, he’s probably left of Stalin. That means he’s a highly educated idiot, and, unfortunately, that he’s probably wrong about the Republicans’s being dangerous.

But a guy can hope, eh?

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “The Drudge Headline Says…

  1. We all must understand that from the point of view of a Horrid Socialist… Americanism IS Dangerous. Enlightened Governing Theory is the Antithesis to this insipid, poisonous and evil Socialist Utopia longed for by these ‘disenfranchised’ Aristocratic holdovers from a time best left on the ash heap of history. So yes… we can all look forward to hearing about how dangerous Freedom and Liberty of the Individual is from these rancid elitist A-holes for years to come.

  2. Well said, Mike! We’re seeing it already. In one of our “Predictions” pieces, we warned to look out for the nonsensical attacks, and we suggested that as soon as they come out — they’re here already, by the way — we should robustly counter-attack them. They’re easy to defeat, and we should take the battle to them. We should clamor to get on MSNBC-CNN-ABC-NBC-CBS and defeat their specious arguments. We — Republicans and Conservatives — won’t, of course, because we’re still stuck in the rut of bringing superior argumentation and logic … to a gun fight.

    In these pages, we’ve detailed how to argue with the inevitable accusations of “racism, sexism, homophobia.”

    It’s easy, and it begins with pointing out that the person who is out of intellectual gas always falls back on these tired, ignorant, ridiculous, feeble accusations. Unable to defeat the rationale? Accuse the holder of the rationale. That’s how they do it.

    Now we need to call them on it. To say it!

    When they resort to all the flabby, flaccid, feeble accusations, point out to them that they’re showing they’re out of gas. Freakin’ say it!

    How difficult is it to say, “Well, you just showed you’re out of gas.”?

    It’s not difficult at all. Then follow it up: “Only someone who knows he’s (or she’s) lost the argument resorts to the pathetic trick of accusing his (or her) opponent of racism.” (or whatever “ism” is supposedly in play at that time.)

    Can you tell I’m a tad frustrated?


    — x

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