These are “predictions,” but I’m sure they’re going to happen. They’re predictions of the same type as: the sun will rise tomorrow.

  • The left will begin immediately to find out how they can best sabotage the Trump Presidency.
  • Scratch that. The left has already begun to see how they can best sabotage the Trump Presidency.
  • Remember: the left looks at all events and says, “How can we use this to obtain and retain power?” Nothing changes that. Ever. They did the same with the election of Trump, and the retention by the Republicans of both houses of Congress.
  • The Trump “accusers” — those women who appeared out of nowhere during the campaign to accuse Trump of sexual impropriety — expect to hear a lot more from them in the upcoming years.
  • Expect talk of impeachment to begin from the Democrat side of Washington, D.C., as soon as they deem it’s long enough past Inauguration Day, and as soon as they find some “issue” to latch on to. They don’t have the numbers to make it happen, but in case they find themselves in the majority after a mid-term or the next Presidential election, they want the movement in full swing by then.
  • If Trump begins to try to make good on the promises that brought him to the White House, expect to hear yourself accused of all the vilest things imaginable. You, your own little self, will become as hideous as Hitler, as malevolent as Manson.
  • The gracious, kind words of Hillary and Obama were for one simple reason: they know they’re on the way out. Believe me, they were prevailed upon to sound those gracious notes. For the real reaction of the left, you need look only as far as your television screens showing the rioters with their “F**K TRUMP” signs.
  • All the various racist graffiti and swastikas and signs cropping up around the country? It’ll be discovered, and published in newspapers on page 14, that it was really leftists trying to “prove” that Trump’s election is a triumph for racism. While there was plenty of broadcast coverage of these signs and things as they appeared, there will be no broadcast coverage of the fact that it was Hillary/Bernie supporters who did them. A simple fact: there is no discernible Nazi/Racist/KKK presence in the Republican Party worth talking about.
  • For every “incident” of right-wing misbehavior, there will be 1,000 incidents of leftist misbehavior — frequently violent. The right-wing incident will make the news, in all the media, followed immediately by condemnation from all sides. The left-wing violence will not make it at all into the left-wing media.
  • The “Revolution” is here. The left will try to build on the tantrum of the post-election rioters to claim that there is some kind of massive movement in favor of leftist change in the country, despite the results of the election proving rather conclusively the exact opposite.

Just a few predictions for now… more will be coming soon. Read especially the first few.

— xPraetorius

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