Much of The Left Wants Only to Overthrow or Abolish the American System

American society’s very structure inevitably pushes everything leftward.

Bottom Line: Since there’s no far right in America, every time an issue of any kind arises, there are three currents of thought: (1) the rightist, (2) the leftist, and (3) the extreme leftist. The sheer weight and volume of the left side of the argument pushes everything relentlessly leftward, whether that’s the correct direction or not. Generally … its not.

The headline at the top is nothing all that deep, nothing surprising. Pretty much everyone knows it. The reaction to Trump’s election victory shows it clearly. What would be funny if it weren’t so stupidly ironic: all the demands that Trump accept the results of the election.

However, the above headline means something, and it’s important to explore that meaning. Let’s do that a bit.

What portion of the left is it, that wants to abolish the American system? It’s the extreme left. These are the people who always kept the faith when the Soviet Union died.

Back in the upheavals of the late 1980’s and 90’s, global communism went belly up, and proved to anyone with eyes to see and a brain to process it, that it was what it had always been: a colossal moral and economic failure. A bloody humanitarian catastrophe of greater scope and extent than all the natural disasters of the Twentieth Century … combined.

Much of the American  left lacked the facilities or moral quality necessary either to process it, or to admit it. They remained true leftist believers, and became the extreme left of the Democrat Party.

One of their most notorious members, Tom Hayden, 1960’s radical leftist who moved on politically to be a long-time Democrat party pol died only recently. Another of those ’60’s radicals? Hillary Clinton. The vast majority of the hippy-dippy radicals of the ’60’s allowed themselves to be absorbed into academia, Hollywood, the media.

As we’ve said frequently in these pages, “society’s white noise is all leftist.” This is why.

What does that all mean to you and me on a practical level? Simple: whenever an issue arises, you’re going to hear the left and the right of it fairly quickly. Then the Democrat and Republican Parties will pronounce themselves, via sound bites by prominent party members. As time goes by the for and against will reveal themselves pretty thoroughly.

On the left side, though, a certain loud component of the argument will be one that suggests abolition or outlawing of the other side entirely.

How has that shown itself recently? Well, how about, say, gay rights? Not only was there the call for “tolerance,” but there was a significant component of the left side of the argument saying that there should also be abolition of the normal family, of the very idea of a stable, traditional family presided over by a mother and a father.

Think of race relations. There’s a nearly unanimous understanding in America that especially black Americans are of the same value and importance as everyone else, and need to be treated as such. However, on the extreme left there’s a very powerful component that says that white people are inherently evil. That America should have a kind of apartheid system in place, in which the morally superior black race rules over the inferior white race; that the current republican system should be abolished in favor of the new way.

Think of tax policy. On the right the question is: what’s the best tax policy to maximize revenues to the government, while optimizing incentives for economic growth? In that vision, the wealthy of America are viewed as valuable contributors because of their ability to add to economic dynamism.

On the left, however, the question about taxes is: How can we use tax policy to redistribute money more equitably? This is the most prominent question on the left, but there is a very strong wing of the left who view the wealthy as evil, who figure that their wealth should be confiscated and given to the government; that the wealthy should be abolished.

Look at the idea of free speech. On the right, the very concept of free speech is one of the sacred rights that should never be limited in any way. On the left, there’s a strong current of thought that would like to abolish free speech entirely.

Look at gun rights. On the right, there’s a general belief that there should be some but not many restrictions on the right of the public to own firearms. On the left, the strongest current of thought calls for the abolition of the right to own a gun entirely.

How about environmentalism? The right and the left agree that we should clean up after ourselves, but the extreme left’s position — the loudest, most powerful, controlling part of the left’s argument — is to abolish capitalism, because of its market-focused dynamic. A free market is an uncontrolled market, and its consumption of fossil fuels can’t be regulated. The left would heavily control all business, ostensibly to “save the planet,” but really to, well, control all business.

All social scholarship shows that the extreme left side of the argument is ill-informed, wrong, doesn’t work, that it fails miserably in the pursuit of providing a societal structure in which people can reasonably expect to obtain happiness.

Now, if you were to hypothesize that the left gets its way on all the above issues — gay rights, race relations, tax policy, free speech, gun rights, environmentalism — what would you have? Easy: the Soviet Union.

America’s extreme left aims to resurrect the hellhole that was the Soviet Union right here in America, with them in power. The grim reality is that in America there’s no extreme right(1) to counterbalance the extreme left. So, every time an issue of any kind arises, there are three currents of thought: (1) the rightist, (2) the leftist, and (3) the extreme leftist. The sheer weight and volume of the left side of the argument pushes everything relentlessly leftward, whether that’s the correct direction or not.

— xPraetorius


(1) The closest thing to a “far right” in America is Libertarianism. There are the odd Nazi sympathizers around, but they’re actually leftists; we documented that pretty thoroughly in these pages. Libertarianism’s voice is vastly quieter than that of the extreme left, represented by the current President of the United States, and a significant number of Senators and Representatives, as well as the entire leadership of the Democrat Party. Remember the leadership of the Democrat Party runs the party in opposition to its much more Conservative membership.










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