Where We Got It Right…

… And Where We Got It Wrong

What we got right:

  • We saw the Trump phenomenon coming. We saw all the factors also.  We saw the disaffection, the higher-than-expected black vote, the lower-than-expected black turnout, the rest. About the black turnout: we actually did the research. We spoke with black people whose affection for Barack Obama was, literally, only skin color-deep. These people were not going to come out for Hillary for the simple reason that her skin is the wrong color. A competent, honest, non-cowardly media corps would have recognized that.
  • We were right about Congress remaining Republican. However, we were in the trenches working for various campaigns, and made an internal agreement here not to tell what we knew. For a lot of reasons. By the way, here at our small, but increasingly influential think tank, during the waning days of the campaign, we referred to Congress — in the parlance of the day — as the Firewall of Freedom.
  • We knew, and we said it, that the left would react as they did: like whining, whimpering, snowflake cry-babies. In retrospect, we could have said it a lot more concisely.
  • We said, in a lot of words, that the Trump sex stuff was not an electoral big deal. We pointed out that the left had nothing to say, having fallen in lock-step  support of their own Predator-in-Chief, Bill Clinton. But we failed in this realm also. See the third bullet, below.

What we got wrong:

  • We hedged our bets and didn’t publicly predict the Trump victory. Bad move. We did have inside information, but our conclusions were based on understandings outside of that data. Since we had the inside poop, though, we figured we shouldn’t divulge what we knew.
  • We long ago predicted the departure of Hillary Clinton, leaving only Martin O’Malley to take the nomination. We were, unfortunately, bold enough to predict that incorrectly. That miss made us insufficiently bold to predict the Trump victory. In fairness to us, given an uncorrupted Department of Justice, Hillary would have withdrawn long ago. We don’t have, however, an uncorrupted Department of Justice.
  • We didn’t say — clearly, unambiguously, concisely — that Trump’s sex-related problems were not an electoral big deal. We said it, just not concisely.
  • When we predicted Hillary’s departure from the race, we also predicted Martin O’Malley’s eventual win of the nomination. We did that because Hillary’s departure would have left only O’Malley and the lunatic Bernie Sanders. We mistakenly thought that even Bernie Sanders was too far left for the Democrat Party. The Trump victory was the best possible for the hard-left Sanders lunatics. Now they’ll be permanently welcome in the Democrat Party. And more. There are a lot of potentially good and potentially bad outcomes for America in that. Hint: One potentially good outcome: America finally sees the leadership of the Democrat Party for the corrupt, hard-left, racist, closeted-Socialists they actually are.

— xPraetorius





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