Trump Wins, and the “Love and Peace” Crowd Are Lovingly Torching Cities.

The Love and Peace crowd on the political left are out in the streets today lovingly smashing store windows, and peacefully stealing wide-screen televisions, and affectionately beating the c**p out of people they suspect of having voted for Trump.

Thank goodness there’s a group on the Left sternly wagging its collective finger in the faces of us on the right, telling us all high-horsedly that “We Will Not Have Their Hate.” Awww… Thanks!

But, and here’s the idiocy of the left, they pretend to know what we’re thinking and feeling, and, well, all about us here on the right. Yet, if we were to presume to describe the leftist state-of-mind, they’d be all, “How dare you?!?”

They pretend that we hate what they want us to hate — blacks, gays, women, children, immigrants, etc. — and that we revere what they want us to revere — money, profits, war. Then, in their hermetically-sealed little echo chambers they tell each other how, what and who we on the right are. And they get it wrong. Every time. Demonstrably so.

Here’s why they do it: We represent an obstacle to their ability to take power without effort. The left is lazy. They want power, but they don’t want to have to work for it. We demand that they make their case. Persuasively and thoroughly. But that means work, and they’re lazy. So, first and foremost, they hate us.

They realize that to hate someone — especially a whole group of someones — is wrong. Everyone kind of knows that at a pretty fundamental level. But they hate us all the same. So, in their fevered, little minds, they have to make us into truly hatred-worthy targets of their hatred. As a result, we on the right have to be — have to be — filled with all the most contemptible characteristics of the day. Racism, sexism, homophobia, islamophoblah blah blah … you can rattle off the litany. But, especially, we have to be haters. Because then, it’s okay to hate us first, and ask questions later. After all, again in their dim-bulb, teeny brains, we started it.

You and I, people of the right that we are, have one major preoccupation: doing whatever we can to ensure that our families have a roof over their heads, and three squares each day, and that’s mostly it. Nearly none of us even mildly dislike, people who aren’t like us.

The problem with that simple reality, is that we are not contemptible people. In fact, we’re nearly uniformly rather nice, pleasant, kinda bland, neighborly sorts. Oh, we have our individual reprobates, but not any more than any other identifiable groups, and fewer than most. After all, we right-wingers have had our worst flaws socially shamed and bludgeoned out of us for decades now, until we’ve become pretty meek, mild, milquetoastian door mats.

A simple truth: Decade after decade after decade of false accusations against a group tends to make that group hyper-sensitive to not being guilty of the accusations. A corollary to that simple truth: the ones making the false accusations, are constantly emboldened to increase the frequency and intensity of those same false accusations.

There needs to be a political science name for this phenomenon. To sum it up: As the accused become ever less guilty of the false accusations, the accusers increase the intensity and frequency of the false accusations.

Oh, yeah… that name’s already out there. It’s called The Big Lie.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “Trump Wins, and the “Love and Peace” Crowd Are Lovingly Torching Cities.

  1. I’m surprised by all the vitriol! I shouldn’t be, all those years of accusations of sexism, racism, and sub human status, weren’t words of love, but just the same this response is surprisingly childish. I’m surprised too, that none of the peace love and pachouli crowd, are addressing it. If I were Hillary, I’d be on TV calling for calm, asking for unity, leading people to a peaceful transition.

    1. So true, IB! The silence from the left as it pertains to these riots is deafening.

      The truth is, I’m afraid, that they approve … except, that is, when it’s directed against them.

      Oops, the streets, really, are never full of us Conservative-type folks tearing apart anything.

      However, remember when there were some on the right who openly indicated that they would oppose any of Obama’s initiatives back in ’08? How all of a sudden, dissent was really racism?

      The sad truth: pretending that a black man is above criticism is really the most condescending, patronizing of racism imaginable. And that’s the racism of the left, where such smarmy condescension is rampant.

      I love your phrase: “the peace, love and pachouli crowd.”


      — x

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