The Vicious Dishonesty of the Left

Bottom Line: Nowhere in the expression “Make America Great Again” is there even the slightest indication that equal rights for all Americans is a bad thing needing to be jettisoned.

The Left has no choice: they must lie to you and me, or their agenda will reveal itself for what it is: nothing but a sleazy power grab. Where was this most on display this election cycle — besides in the media, that is?

In the highly ummm … “creative” interpretation of Trump’s campaign slogan.

Trump’s main slogan was “Make America Great Again.” You had to know that the left were then going to insist that the slogan contained some hidden desire on the part of Trump supporters (of which this blog was not one) to re-enslave black people.

Sure enough, out it came. Doleful-looking black spokespeople appeared in all the media and gravely intoned things like, “He’s going to set us back 50 years!” And, “We only recently got the right to vote, and now he’s going to take it away from us!” Never mind that the President has no such power anyway. But, there it was.

But, how mind-numbingly stupid were those conclusions, anyway? The following questions might help to answer that question:

  • If we were going back to the greatness of the 1950’s as some insisted, and as even Trump rhetorically implied, did anyone really think that meant getting rid of, say, computers? Space flight? The internet?
  • Did people think that meant getting rid of advances in medicine? In physics? In Chemistry? In Agriculture?
  • Who’s really trying to take us “back to the fifties” before we found all those ways to consume fossil fuels and pollute the land and the air? Hint: it’s not the political right.
  • Did people really think that “Make America Great Again” meant bringing back, say, the Soviet Union? The Edsel? Tiny black and white televisions in huge boxes? Polio?
  • Was there any even teentsy-weentsy hint of an iota of anything in that expression that hints that America was perfect in the 1950’s?
  • What, in the expression “Make america Great Again,” implies getting rid of anything at all that we know represents American greatness?

That ought to do it for the questions. An honest answer to any single one of those questions proves the Trump’s-going-to-enslave-blacks to be a bunch of slanderous, lying … really stoooopid flapdoodle. Or: typical Democrat Party campaign pronouncements.

Let’s have a go with the last bullet above, though:

What, in the expression “Make america Great Again,” implies getting rid of anything at all that we know represents American greatness?

It’s a Serious Question.

The left never pretended that Trump was trying to get rid of all those other things — the advances in the sciences and technology — that contribute to America’s greatness. No, the only thing they said that Trump was going to somehow get rid of was equality for black Americans. Wow! That’s it? Do they really think we’re that supid? Hint: Yes.

Worse, the left couldn’t (publicly) imagine that “Make America Great Again” could have any other meaning. In other words: to make America great again, we’d need, as any sane person would understand it, either to get rid of a bunch of bad things, or to add a bunch of good things, or both to what we have now.

To do that, they realized they would have to defend the last eight years. They knew that would be a loser’s task. So they just lied.

Nowhere in the expression “Make America Great Again” is there even the slightest hint that equal rights for all Americans is a bad thing needing to be jettisoned.

However, the left chose to put forward a ridiculous, nonsensical, tortured meaning that only a paranoid, intellectually stunted … dishonest person — your typical leftist — could glean from the expression.

Do a little thought exercise with me: Imagine a once great baseball hitter, who’s fallen into a prolonged slump. Before the drought, he hit lots of home runs, and for a high average. What do his fans, and he, hope for? Well, they wish they could “make him great again,” of course!

In so doing, they don’t wish that he’d lose any of the positives that he’d been able to accomplish during the lean times, but rather that he’d shed any bad things that had caused the lean times, add some good things, and in so doing … return to greatness.

That was the meaning in the message. “Make America Great Again” implied simply that America had accumulated a bunch of bad things in recent history — vast regulation, hugely increased government intrusiveness, political correctness, harmful immigration policies, timidity in the face of powerful external threats, poor trade deals, Obamacare — that needed to go away.

It required the vicious dishonesty of the left to turn that into some kind of evil sentiment. To pretend that it meant something it couldn’t possibly have meant.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “The Vicious Dishonesty of the Left

  1. Perhaps it’s even simpler than you may think.
    The Left REALLY don’t want America EVER to be great again.
    THAT is their true goal. A weak, poor, divided and miserable America.
    In order to make Americans follow them on this path they try to convince Americans, in orwellian fashion, that such an America IS a great one.
    Why don’t they want a great America?
    Two reasons:
    For the Left America is the root of all problems in the world and therefore a strong, great America is the last thing that they want.
    In a strong, wealthy, prosperous and united America no one in his right mind wants the Left’s solutions.
    Simply put. The Left creates the circumstances (poverty, division etc.) that makes the people call for the Left’s solutions.
    But, thank the Lord, the American people still haven’t forgotten how a great America looks like.
    Of course, the Left can never say openly what they really think and what they really want.
    They simply have to lie.

  2. @Artaxes, you said “Simply put. The Left creates the circumstances (poverty, division etc.) that makes the people call for the Left’s solutions.

    Truer words were never written. As to the rest of what you said, I don’t see a thing in there with which I disagree. 🙂

    You’re as astute as ever, and your comments are always welcome. Even from the other side of the pond!


    — x

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