Let the Whining Begin

And begin it has … in earnest! As you know, I listen often to the very, very left-wing National Public Radio, and they are the absolute best, the world champions, the crème de la crème, the very tip-top summit, the Babe-Ruth-Michael-Jordan-Jack-Nicklaus-es of whiners.

They’re in full throat now. “All undocumented aliens are getting deported!” they shrieked! “All muslims are getting kicked out!‘ they bawled! “All blacks are going to be enslaved!‘ they sniveled.

Of course, there’s nothing in anything at all that Trump ever said that would even hint at any of these things…

Yes, Trump suggested that those people who had come into the country illegally — in other words, those who had broken the law in entering this country — should leave. Oops! Something like 85% of all Americans believe that — including Hispanics.

Yes, Trump suggested that people coming into the country from places where there’s high terrorist activity should undergo greater than normal scrutiny… or, heck, maybe they should have to wait until their area calms down a bit! Oops! Something like 85% of all Americans believe that too! Including muslims!

And, of course, there’s nothing whatsoever in anything that Trump has ever said that would indicate that he thinks that black Americans should lose one iota of the freedoms and rights they enjoy now.

But, don’t tell the whiners that. They’ve been bleating the same bunch of Big Lies for so long now that it’s entirely possible that at some level they believe them! Don’t tell National Public Radio these things, because they’ve been lying so long, they wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up to them and tipped over their grande mochaccino latte.

Needless to say, the left, the side calling for all manner of “Love!” the side telling us that “Love Trumps Hate!” and that “All you need is love!” immediately became a mob of snarling, slashing, cursing, frothing, enraged … hatred-filled lunatics.

As Mark Steyn so aptly put it: “They [the left] are what they imagine the right to be.” As great as Steyn is, I might suggest a slight amendment to say: “They are what they pretend the right to be.” The difference: the left knows full well that we on the right are not as they accuse us of being … but they make the accusations anyway.

The accusations are lies. The same type of lie that, say, the guilty-as-sin bank robber makes when trying to beat the rap. “I didn’t do it, Frankie did it!”

America just elected Donald Trump President… therefore, there’s no other possible conclusion execpt that the demonstrators are protesting against America, and against the very idea of America. After all, the country must be flawed if it produced a result that the left disagrees with.

But, you and I know that the riots disprove their own point. In this time of delicate snowflakes on college campuses — you know, the whiners who faint in vapors at the very mention of the words, “white,” or “man,” — there’s no way there would be demonstrators in the streets or on college campuses, if there were even the teentsiest-weentsiest fear that there might be actual consequences for the demonstrators.

So, the demonstrators’ point — that America is some horrible, fascistic hellhole that just elected the bogeyman — was made while America sat by benignly observing, with a few pundits tsk-tsk’ing, and the rest of them saying, “Aww, just go ahead and let ’em demonstrate.”

In other words: the point was wrong, and the demonstrations proved it. Don’t expect the morons doing the actual demonstrating to recognize that though. That would require three things that they lack: (1) selfawareness, (2) critical thinking, (3) intelligence.

Instead, they’ll go out to do their little shouting, prancing and moral preening, their love-filled beatings, and their loving destruction of others’ property, then return home and make a frothing latte on the Keurig, after which they’ll go smugly and self-satisfiedly to bed, convinced they had just struck a blow for … something. All so as to to be well-rested enough to go out and whine some more tomorrow.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “Let the Whining Begin

  1. Let them whine all they want, they can riot too –
    but Trump got WAY more votes from Hispanic and Black voters this time around than Romney did last election. Trump could never have won without this sort of support from conservative patriots of all ethnicities.

    1. So well said, Desdi! Thanks for pointing that out!

      I was thrilled when Trump went personally into black communities and churches, and sat down with them to say what he said.

      The message — “You’ve been voting one way for decades, why not try something else?” — was compelling and persuasive(1). Our internal data here showed it had an immediate effect, that the media were missing entirely.

      It was at that point, that we knew Hillary was in trouble.

      I’ve never been thrilled with Trump in particular — in fact, I made no bones about the fact that I didn’t like him, and I still don’t — but I prefer him in the White House over Hillary. However, when a Republican went over the heads of the media to talk directly with black Americans, I thought that was exactly the right thing to do, and long overdue.


      — x

      (1) Note: we’ve been saying that very same thing for a very long time here! Search “Party of Detroit” in these pages for a sample.

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