Shouldn’t Women Be REALLY Ticked Off at All the Transgender Flapdoodle?

I was conversing with some colleagues and friends. Someone said something about someone’s having given birth. The new mother’s name was something typically masculine, like “Chuck,” or “Bobby.” We were chuckling about that, when someone said something like, “Well, she gave birth, so she was a she.”

Needless to say, I couldn’t resist. I said, “Well, in these days of so-called [ <– I couldn’t resist that either.] gender fluidity, who’s to say?

Instantly, the women in the room recognized where society, and their own indifference, had brought them: the possibility that a “man” could claim credit for that one truly awesome aspect of the human condition that women have owned forever: giving new life to the world.

Oh, the danger to women isn’t near-term. However, it’s not that far away either. Here’s how it’ll go; how it’s probably already gone: Woman who claims to be a man gets pregnant. Gives birth to a baby. Society goes all crazy: “Transgender Man Gives Birth!

The hubbub dies down after a while, but the genie is out of the bottle: a man can give birth to a baby!

Women know it. It’s the source of all their power in the world. The source of all that makes them irresistible to men is not an alluring shape, a gorgeous face, pouty lips, ample endowments … it’s the ability to bear their children. Period. It’s what makes them mysterious, desirable, incomprehensible … awesome.

Men’s sexual fantasies are what they are for one reason, and one reason only: the sex act could result in the planting of a bit of themselves into a woman, and thence into posterity, history, eternity. Guess what: that’s, in reverse, why men are sexually attractive to women too.

Now, however, a nip here, a snip there, a tuck under that, some hormones and a shave, an addition of this, a subtraction of that … and presto changeo, Tom is Thomasina and Harry is Harriett. Before you know it, the surgery will be so good that the real Tom, Dick and Harry won’t be able to tell who’s a man or woman, and who’s just pretending.

If any ol’ Tom, Dick and Harry can do what any actual woman used to view as her exclusive province, then … who needs women?

Women ought to be the very first ones protesting against the nonsensical twaddle that is everything “transgender.”

— xPraetorius







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