Play a little thought game with me. You know how the SMOD is going to take out the Earth one day? Right?

Well, let’s say it does. What then? SMOD represents an existential-level event. No more humans.

One more thing. At this point, with all the wonderful technology that we have to see further and further out into the universe, we’ve seen nothing to indicate that anyone else is out there.

For all practical purposes, we are alone in the universe.

So, when SMOD comes along and does her thing, are the atheists really trying to say that that’s it? That there’s no longer anything or anyone around to observe it all? To watch it at night and wonder at the majesty and spectacle? To try to figure out how it is that the stars and planets and all, do what they do? Does the universe just become … dead?

Is the universe really that pointless? Or, more to the point, are we the only point of the universe? Really?

Many atheists are fond of suggesting that we Christians are suffused with ego; that we think way more of ourselves than we have a right to; that our faith that our Creator loves us more than we could ever possibly understand shows how crazy and deluded we are.

Yet, atheists are implying that we humans are the be-all, end-all of… The. Entire. Universe. Ego much?

Atheists imply that when SMOD kills us all, that’s just all there is. Nothing more. The universe, they say, becomes the forest whose trees fall with no one there to see or hear it. That the incomprehensible majesty of the universe continues to unfold … with no one and nothing there to perceive, record, think on, theorize about, speculate over, ponder, write about, understand and fail to understand.

That’s the point. There is a point. God is the point. The Creator, who created … the point. Without Him, truly, there is no point. All is acceptable, all is unacceptable, all is whatever you want it to be.

Imagine the universe after SMOD.

— xPraetorius


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