The Left’s Formula for Obtaining and Keeping Power

It’s simple really. In the name of “compassion,” all you have to do is to offer the following bargain to the country:

  • Vote for us and, by legislation and litigation,  we won’t allow people to die of hunger in America.

That’s it in a nutshell. The problem: it’s a Faustian bargain. Here’s what happens:

  • First, some non-zero percent of the population immediately buys into the offer. Since such an offer is generally made in times of financial turmoil, the pressure to “Do something! Anything!” is intense. And the pressures on the population to accept the offer are intense.
  • Then, as time passes, and the financial turmoil that produced the bargain slips into the past, those who accepted the bargain are a captive population. Out of circulation for a while, they’re less employable, and barely at all employable at their previous income levels. They’ve become automatic voters for those who now sustain them with the fruits of others’ labors. More significantly, they become a drag on the society’s ability to produce economic dynamism, and on it’s ability to recover from financial difficulties. They’ve become the Taker Class, or the Willing Poor (our term).
  • Then, as the next financial crisis breaks, still more people — those at the lower fringes of the economy — accept the bargain, and fall into the Taker Class. They increase the drag on society, and on its ability to recover from crises of any kind. In this way, leftism most resembles all the worst characteristics of human aging.
  • This all produces the little-discussed, next thing: The Permanent Crisis — jerking society to the left. As the population of the Willing Poor becomes ever larger, their clamor for ever greater “free” goods and services grows. And, importantly, each individual within the Willing Poor clamors for still more goods and services. No one, after all, not even the Willing Poor, is satisfied with his condition as it is now. Everyone always wants more.
  • Now, society has the following two eventually fatal conditions: (1) a growing Taker Class, and (2) a tendency within that Taker Class by individual members to demand ever more, ever better, free stuff. This is how we see, in America, “poor people” with wide-screen televisions, the latest and greatest cell phone, two cars, and big bellies.
  • As the clamor grows louder, the will to resist the pressure grows weaker. No one, after all, wants to see a single person starve to death, much less thousands or, heaven forbid, tens of thousands.
  • These pressures — the increase of the Taker Class and the increasing demands of individuals within the Taker Class — if allowed to continue unchecked, arrive inevitably at a critical mass, and the society undergoes some kind of dramatic upheaval.
  • It’s this dramatic upheaval that the Left counts on to sweep them into power permanently. After all, at the time of the crisis, the economy will be in the tank, opportunity for advancement, much less simple survival, will be rare to non-existent, the Taker Class is already locked into their condition — unemployable, unable to contribute to anyone’s advancement, while remarkably fertile, unable to transmit any kind of meaningful survival skills to their children.
  • The Left is interested in permanent power, because they believe that the “science is settled.” That the people are too stupid for any kind of real democracy to produce a viable society, so they must be forced to comply with what the Left consider a good society. So, they must have a sham democracy; a democracy in which there are occasional shows of real public participation, but nothing that actually matters is decided by the people. This is the Leftist vision.
  • When the Left takes power, they are not at all interested in “dissent.” Don’t call me paranoid; we’ve seen this in those areas of life where the Left hold almost total sway: American universities, the press, pop culture. If you thought McCarthyism was bad, you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen the Left’s version of it!

The human condition is such that in all cases at all times in all circumstances, it is trying to improve itself. The leftist “bargain” is an inherent contradiction. It says: “Don’t improve yourself. Stay as you are, and we’ll take care of you, being sure that no one falls through the cracks.” But, everyone wants — always — to improve his lot. Always. Everyone wants more, and better. Always. This is built into each and every one of us — at the cellular level.

Watch what your body does in all its myriad systems: Everything it does, from the lowest to the highest level, it does for one reason, and one reason only: the best interests of the organism — the person — as a whole. Or, to state it more simply: Everything your body — you — does, it does, and you do, to (1) get rid of an unacceptable condition, and  (2) to replace it with a better condition. To improve its lot. Every second of every day of its existence.

Your deepest, fondest, most basic desire is to improve your condition. It’s why we eat, drink, breathe, digest, exercise, read, watch television, study, walk, drive and, the apotheosis, the very quintessence of the human condition: worship God. We were made for this.

From cellular division, respiration, elimination to complex decision-making, and all points in-between, the organism that is you does what it does for that one very simple reason. Even when it does really stupid things, like suicide, or getting drunk or high, or voting Democrat, eating gobs of candy, or listening to disco, or driving drunk at high speeds — all the same type of activity — it does so in the interest of promoting what it’s  understood — at all levels — to be in its own best interest.

The Left has understood that it can exploit those times of turmoil, instability, famine, crisis, recession/depression, when you might think all is lost or hopeless, and that therefore, one or more of those stupid activities — eating candy, listening to disco, voting Democrat, drinking or doing drugs, reckless driving — might be viable options, to turn you into a permanent supporter of their ugly bargain. And so it bends every effort to (1) produce the crisis, and (2) add to its legions of automatic supporters.

Remember, for the Left, the question is settled: The people are too stupid to have any real voice in the administration of their affairs, so they need to do it for you.

If you are able to fend for yourself, be independent and self-reliant, then you’re a nuisance and a potential dissident, and you must be eliminated. For an example of this, look at, again, American university campuses, the media, pop culture.

If you’re too far to the left, meaning you’re completely dependent on the government for your subsistence, then you’re a parasitic, non-contributing nuisance, and you must be eliminated.

Remember: this is the Faustian bargain that I spoke of at the very top of this essay. The ones who’ve allowed themselves to settle into the Taker Class, or the Willing Poor, can stay there only for so long before their masters in the government decide that they’re no longer useful. That time will come when the Left have determined that they’ve obtained permanent power. At that point, the Taker Class becomes perfectly useless. They had best be ready to become instantly the Slave Class, or else. Or else they’ll be eliminated.

Yes, we’ve seen this in history — and in very recent memory. The examples are numerous: Stalinist Russia, Maoist China, the Kims’ North Korea, Castroist Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. In those places, the Left took what they, and everyone else, perceived as permanent power, and proceeded simply to eliminate anyone who was, or might be, in the least inconvenient to them.

The death toll from those examples alone tops 120 million souls.

That doesn’t count one single, solitary victim of Nazi Germany.

The most important point: In America there are, roughly, two significant currents of thought: (1) those who would increase the “role of government” in all our lives, and (2) those who would decrease it.

You have a choice — you always have a choice — as to which tendency you favor. If you favor greater government, then you have to understand the word itself: govern.

To “govern” means to be the boss. To control, to rule — over someone or someones. If you choose more government, then by definition, you choose to have less control over your own life; less freedom. If you choose less government, then you choose to have greater control over your own life, greater freedom. And, yes, greater risk. Simple as that.

We understand slavery: it’s the condition where we have no control over our own lives, while someone else has total control. Typically we think that slavery’s a really bad thing. And, yet, here we are in America getting ready to vote for at least one candidate for the Presidency who advocates much, much greater government control over our lives.

This candidate, Hillary Clinton, the Leftist, owns the Taker Class, of course, and they’ll vote for her at a rate in excess of 95%. And that group of Americans represents close to 50% of the population.

Go ahead and do that math, and you tell me where the idea of self-government, self-reliance, independence … freedom … stands in America today.(1)

— xPraetorius


(1) Extend the trajectory of this population’s thinking and you have no choice but to conclude that the Left, Hillary Clinton, et al., favors slavery. Pure and simple. There’s no escaping it.

Editor’s note: Furthermore, there’s no escaping the conclusion that Hillary is a complete idiot (#cough#cough# private e-mail server #cough# Benghazi #cough#cough# choice of husband #cough#).






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