The Left’s Solution: If Some Suffer, Then ALL Must Suffer

The Thinking of the American Left/Democrat Party

The Problem

The Real Solution

The Democrats’ Response

The Middle Class is over-taxed! Stop over-taxing the middle class. As Justice John Roberts once said: “The way to stop discriminating by race is to stop discriminating by race.”

Yes, the way to stop over-taxing someone is to stop over-taxing someone.

Raise taxes on the rich! If the Middle Class is suffering, then the rich must suffer too!
There’s racial discrimination! Stop discriminating by race. If we were discriminating against black people, then we must discriminate against white people. It’s only fair. The only thing is:

It is not an improvement if you go from discriminating against a minority to discriminating against a majority! That is, of course, a significant step backward.

There’s income inequality! (There’s not really any such problem — the phrase is a nonsense phrase — but that didn’t prevent the Left from fabricating the issue.) Remove the myriad unnecessary obstacles that stifle upward mobility for those who make less money. This is simply sound fiscal policy, and should be in place whether or not a CEO makes a hundred times what the file clerk makes. Take more money from the rich. It doesn’t matter that such a step benefits — literally — no one. The middle class receives nothing from it, and the wealthier are simply made poorer. The general prosperity of the nation is diminished.

This idea of making the well-heeled pay more always, always, always hurts … the less well-heeled.

The less wealthy can’t afford health insurance! Remove obstacles to competition. Allow the free market to implement lower-cost alternatives to the traditional health care model. For example: a real solution is to allow highly-qualified nurse practitioners to do a lot of the primary care that MD’s used to have to do. These nurse practitioners are every bit as qualified as a doctor, know as much as a doctor, but often are simply not licensed to do the same things as a doctor. Make it difficult for everyone to obtain meaningful health insurance. I know many, many people whose deductibles are so high that they always pay out-of-pocket for their healthcare, which itself is a lot more expensive due to government intrusiveness. Before, they couldn’t obtain health insurance, but they could and did obtain health care. Now, they can — they have to obtain health insurance, but they can’t use it to obtain health care. Sorry… this only made the problem far worse. Now, people who once were at least getting care, are not.
Some are suffering! Eliminate the reason for which those who are suffering suffer. Remove obstacles to the people’s ability to solve their own problems. Prevent the exploitation of some by others. Enforce common-sense laws. Everyone must suffer! It’s only fair.

There is a simple truth: it’s not fair for some to suffer while others don’t. It could be argued that it is more fair if all suffer. But it’s not better. It’s worse.

Do a little thought exercise with me:

Say you have a community of 1,000 people, of whom 100 are suffering, and 900 are not. I’m sure everyone will agree: that’s not fair. However, if you were to eliminate completely the suffering of 75 people who were previously suffering, now an even  smaller minority — 25 people —  are suffering, while an even greater majority — 975 people — are not. That’s even more unjust! Now imagine that you’re able to eliminate the suffering of 24 suffering people. Now only one single person is suffering while 999 are not. That’s still more unjust! But a whole lot better. “Fairer,” “more just,” is not always better.

Only better is better. The challenge in public policy is not to find what’s more fair, or more just, it’s to identify what’s actually better, and to make that the end goal. The Left and its political wing, the Democrat Party are always blathering on about how to make things more fair, not better.

— xPraetorius

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