Horn Dog Irony (Part II)

In this post here, we pointed out that Hillary Clinton plainly hangs around with the wrong crowd.

Now, in most circumstances I’d feel sorry for her. However, there’s no way to dispute the fact that she used her husband’s uncontrolled libido to further her own personal and political interests. Again, this is not a big deal, except that I’m guessing that Bill’s “bimbo eruptions” were very much welcomed by Hillary.

Of course! The Democrat’s default modus vivendi is to perceive something — anything — and immediately begin the process of determining how to use it to further his pursuit of power. They all did this with 9/11. The very first thing in their heads was: “How can we use this for our own advantage?

How do I know this? Easy: at the very first opportunity that wouldn’t seem awful, they all started in on sabotaging every single thing that then-President George W. Bush did in response to the attacks.

Yes, yes, yes, I understand being “in the opposition,” and “challenging power.” However, it was simply not that obvious that absolutely everything Bush did was the wrong thing. Yet the unanimity of the Democrats was astonishing. Way more than the situation called for.

So, Hillary learned of Bill’s ummm… “adventures,” and her first thought was not, “What the heck?!? How could he?!?” but, “How can I use this to my advantage?” She didn’t react as a normal person would, because she’s not a normal person, she’s a Democrat.

So, how did she do it? How did she play Bill’s ummm “fun times” to her benefit?

That was easy for her: play the victim; play the faithful, but beleaguered wife; the wronged, but still steadfast partner, putting her family first — and all the things that everyone knows go completely against everything she is and all that she believes.

And, of course, the press ate it up. And passed it on. And ever since, they’ve been busily constructing the Great Fraudulent Ludicrous Corrupt Stinking Mess that is the Hillary Clinton Narrative.

And now, the Great Fraudulent Ludicrous Corrupt Stinking Mess that is Hillary Clinton herself, is on the verge of becoming the President of the greatest, freest, most generous, biggest-hearted, finest, greatest-souled, beautiful, expansive country that’s ever been.

What a vast tragedy on so many levels!

— xPraetorius









One thought on “Horn Dog Irony (Part II)

  1. It is tragic what’s going on. I feel too that the Democrats will instantly jump on an issue, any issue and try to spin it to their advantage. The way they treated Bush was outright shameful. There was certainly room for disagreement over his approach to defending the country (I personally think his strategy was way underestimated and misunderstood), but no one could deny that the man was decent and intentions were good. Things like that just don’t matter to the ideologue, it’s all about winning.

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