Did You See Hillary’s Reaction to the FBI Announcement?

Weird, weird stuff going on in America today! Who could say that Trump is wrong when he calls it “Third World stuff?”

So, the FBI announces that they are resuming the investigation into Hillary’s illegal personal e-mail server, and the Dems go ballistic. However, the most unusual thing: Hillary Clinton immediately called a news conference to react to it.

Remember: she hadn’t held a news conference for something like a year-and-a-half. Then when she did, it was a scripted, stilted affair in which she answered tough questions like, “What’s your favorite cookie?”

So, she calls a news conference in reaction to the FBI announcement. In that news conference she actually had to handle real questions, and she was pathetic. She inarticulately umm’ed and uhh’ed and err’ed her way through the entire thing. However, the most remarkable thing was what those who know a tiny bit about body language saw: She lied the entire time.

Body language 101: if you ask someone a question, and you want to know whether the question recipient is lying look at her eyes. If she immediately looks away, she’s lying. After every question, Clinton immediately looked away. Every time.  Her eyes were everywhere but on the people watching, and definitely not on the questioner.

Clinton’s eyes were in the left and right rafters, off stage-left and off stage-right. Everywhere but on someone who might be assessing her answer. She was plainly thoroughly shaken. She looked exactly like someone who knew she’d just been caught. If there were ever the look of guilt, Hillary Clinton was the very picture of it in her news conference.

— xPraetorius





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