NPR Watch (10-7-16) Mindless Drones of the Zeitgeist

National Public Radio bills itself as the smart, in-depth news source. They’re really, however, nothing but a shallow, uninformative, easy, breezy, soporific network for self-satisfied, smug liberals whose main characteristic is intellectual laziness.

Here’s an example: This morning, on their fake news program called “Morning Edition,” NPR interviewed a former heroin addict who said something like the following: “When heroin was ravaging our community, blah blah blah blah…”

The speaker was a black man.(1)

It was the stuff before the “blah blah blah” that I remembered. Perhaps not word-for-word, but I got the idea right.

The entire feature was supposed to show that white people are racists because they didn’t care when black people were dying of heroin overdoses, but now that white kids are dying the same way — a fact that delights NPR completely — it’s all different.

There are a lot of things wrong with the premise of the NPR feature — for example, the vast majority of white people have always cared deeply about the threat that horrible things like heroin represent. No matter who was the addict. Period. Almost all Americans have always felt the same way.

Where the interviewee got it wrong was in suggesting that heroin had ravaged his community, when the truth is that people who chose to use heroin ravaged his community. It had nothing to do with white people, but was all about people who chose to use heroin. 

No one forced them to use heroin. No one forced them to stick the needle in, or to do whatever they did to feed their chosen addiction.(2) No white man, no terrible history, no legacy of slavery, no invented “institutional racism,” no power structure of any kind forced them to stick a needle into their arms. Period.

If heroin is a serious problem in a community, it’s because people choose to make heroin a problem in the community. Period.

Here’s another simple truth: in order for heroin not to be a problem in “your community,” all that needs to happen is for people to choose not to use heroin. Period.

Some truths are so transcendently simple that everyone misses them in their search for depth and complexity.

NPR is wedded to the idea that all problems are caused by one of several basic human failings: racism, sexism, homophobia and, of course, the catch-all Conservatism. This is the zeitgeist that the left has been busily constructing in America, and NPR is chock-a-block, full to the brim with mindless drones of that zeitgeist.

Abraham Maslow coined the phrase: “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” for NPR.

— xPraetorius



(1) NPR does that. When they want you to understand that the speaker is a black man or woman, they make it obvious. When they want you to be unsure, they make it less apparent.

(2) Addiction may or may not be “a disease,” but it is, without question or debate, a choice. If it’s a disease, then it’s a disease that one chooses to have.


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