America – The Unraveling

Like a cancer, or like hepatitis, or like AIDS, or like shingles — leftism can lay apparently dormant for years. However, the whole time it’s working tirelessly to kill its host.

America has been infested by leftism for decades. In past posts, we expressed it something like this:

As Margaret Thatcher said, “The facts of life are Conservative.” We added the following significant “but”: But, society’s white noise — the media, academia, Hollywood, the rest of pop culture — is overwhelmingly leftist.

This has been true for a very long time. It hasn’t always manifested itself politically — there have been occasional true Conservative elected officials — but the rest of society is massively, crushingly, stultifyingly, stupefyingly … leftist.

Consider the following observations:

  • There is no aggressive movement out there in America to strengthen free speech; but, there’s a strong one to squelch it … and on college campuses it rules absolutely without opposition. Cross this movement at the risk of your academic career and your future.
  • There is no aggressive movement to de-sexualize broadcast and published content from the media. But there’s a strong one to hyper-sexualize every aspect of our lives, especially in the media… and as recent Supreme Court decisions show, it reigns supreme all across the land. Go ahead, try to say something against homosexuality, or the trans nonsense. It’ll cost you your career. But say something against heterosexuality and you’re labeled a visionary expert.
  • There is no aggressive movement to de-regulate markets; but, there is one to hyper-regulate them, and it reigns supreme in all of American commerce. Try to start a business and see what your “compliance” costs are.
  • There is no aggressive movement to protect innocent life; but there’s one to kill it, at both ends of the lifespan, and it reigns supreme in all the western world.

These are all aspects of leftism that rule our daily western world. You can be as staunchly, true-blue Conservative as you wish, but you live a leftist life, and at pain of loss of career, social status, or worse, you will continue to live a leftist life.

The vast majority of Americans disapprove of all the wacky codswallop the left has forced down society’s throat in the past few decades, but that huge majority has been pummeled, bludgeoned, threatened and browbeaten into silent acquiescence. Even leftists fervently, secretly, hope that their sons or daughters will marry social Conservatives who (1) doesn’t share their own values, (2) won’t cheat on them, (3) won’t physically abuse them, (4) won’t infect them with some vile disease, (5) won’t leave them when they’ve grown tired of them.

Even leftists hope their sons and daughters won’t grow up like them. Even leftists secretly teach their sons and daughters values that are indistinguishable from Conservatives’. Values like trustworthiness, sexual moderation, fiscal responsibility, social gracefulness, kindness. Yes, individual leftists believe in these things for their children, just not for you and me.

Instead, The American Left has established a culture that ruthlessly punishes those who speak out in favor of the above-mentioned utterly commonsensical values; that condemns as “cruel” and “hateful” those who would offer real help, not handouts and dependence, to those truly in need; that scorns those who work long and hard to provide for and protect their families.

In such a country, there is only one inevitable outcome: a Great Unraveling. We’re seeing that in the current Presidential election cycle.

On the left, the Democrats have nominated — again — a corrupt, addle-pated, mediocrity, dumb as a stump, but drunk on the praises of those as stupid as, or stupider than she.

This should come as no surprise to anyone: the last five successive Democrat nominees were just the same: H. Clinton Obama, Kerry, Gore, W. Clinton. And before that, there was a long succession of Democrat nominees who were just pathetic mediocrities: Dukakis, Mondale, Carter, McGovern, Humphrey. Go back even further and you slog back into the hopelessly corrupt again: L.B. Johnson, J.F. Kennedy.

You have to go back more than half-a-century to Adlai Stevenson and Harry Truman to encounter a Democrat nominee for President who was not either a blithering idiot, or a muck-besmeared corruptocrat. And they were just idiots and leftist dupes.

None of these Democrat nominees, some of whom became President, ever acted in the interest of the majority of the American people. Instead, these degenerate mediocrities all worked exclusively in pursuit of one thing: their own power.

On the right — if the Republican Party can be seen as meaningfully “on the right” anymore — we’ve nominated someone who’s spent the majority of his adult life … on the left. But, he, Trump, was clever enough to understand that you can’t have a bunch of generally Conservative people bludgeoned into living leftist lives without there arising serious resentments.

As those resentments have grown, and as the Democrats have pushed Presidential nominee after nominee, whose sole agenda has been to force decent people into being ever more leftist in their lives — and to pay ever more of their increasingly hard-earned money for the privilege of it — and as the Republican Party has appeared to become less and less interested in slowing it down, in stopping it, in rolling it back, it became absolutely inevitable that a Trump would arise to tap into that resentment.

Today, we found out that the FBI has decided to continue to investigate Hillary Clinton’s ironically Clintonian e-mailing arrangement when she was Secretary of State. Surprising? Sure. Or not. I understand e-mail and how it works. I can tell you something that is certain: BleachBit or not, those e-mails are still out there, all of them. They’re living in hundreds of destinations, hops, servers, smart routers, PC’s, devices around the world. It was inevitable that they would be found. Just a question of when. Just a question of who had them. Just a question of whether anyone would care. Yes, it is entirely possible that there is no one sufficiently in the know about the basic structure of e-mail, so that no one has actually said that.

Here’s another certainty: Each one of the various scandals that have followed Hillary Clinton around, like the offal flying off an over-stuffed garbage truck, would have sunk any Republican hopeful for President.

Until, that is, they didn’t.

And that means Trump. Trump has certainly had plenty of scandal in his life, and like Clinton, he’s simply swatted away criticism, demands that he leave, tsk-tsk-ing and tut-tutting, as you or I might swat a fly. Trump is a gigantic “F**k you!” to the media who have done whatever they possibly could to derail his weird, surreal Trump Train.

And even this is really, truly not good.

But, xPraetorius,” you’ll say, “the Democrats get away with it all the time, why shouldn’t we Republicans?!?

No. No one should “get away” with corruption, dishonesty, fraud and lies, as the Democrats have for so long. The Democrats deserve every last asterisk of Trump’s “F**k you!” and they’ve brought it entirely upon themselves, but you and I pay for it. Every time. With the constant succession of corrupt, idiotic Democrat clodpoles and substantive, serious, but inadequate and timorous Republicans.

No, Republicans shouldn’t “get away with it” as the Democrats have nearly forever. The correct way would look like this:

  • The media would police the Democrat Party with honesty and integrity, and with the same intensity that they reserve now only for Republicans.
  • Therefore, Hillary Clinton long ago would have dragged her dirty, filth-encrusted record, and herself, off the public stage in disgrace.
  • She never would have won the Democrat Party’s nomination for the Presidency, because you can’t run for President from a jail cell, or from disgrace.
  • With all that in place, the Democrats would have to nominate substantive people who, themselves, would be forced to formulate substantive policy positions and prescriptions.
  • A country governed by substantive people possessed of serious policy proposals and prescriptions would not be in the dire straits in which our country finds itself.
  • Such a country would not have two major parties nominating mediocrities, idiots and buffoons, like Clinton and Trump.
  • Such a  country would not be awash in the inchoate resentments that threaten to destroy ours.

Look — there’s a truth that we Conservatives don’t like to admit, but it’s very, very true: the media do a generally good job of oversight of Republicans and Conservatives. The only problem is that they don’t do the same job when it comes to the left and to Democrats.

Like them or not, past Republican nominees Romney, McCain, G.W. Bush, Dole, G.H.W Bush, Reagan were all serious people. They were all people with serious accomplishments in their lives, either as highly successful businessmen, or as awe-inspiring people. They were all extraordinary people. The least apparently serious of them, Reagan, was still extraordinarily accomplished — a successful actor, and two-term governor of California — and he turned out to be one of the finest Presidents of the Twentieth Century.

Their opponents were not. Serious people, that is. Not in business, not in battle, not in life.

How could that happen? Easy: Republican Presidential candidates understand that they’ll undergo a nearly proctological examination of their lives, their past, their records. Do you remember when the media reported as a serious disqualifier the fact that it was thought that Mitt Romney had committed a single bullying incident more than 50 years ago?

More to the point: Democrats understand that their candidates will face almost no scrutiny in their quest for the Presidency, except that which FOX News can unearth. As a consequence, Democrats feel no qualms about nominating the most corrupt, idiotic, brainless morons they can find. And they do. Time and time and time again.

Again, this is entirely the fault of the above-mentioned societal “white noise.”

No country can long withstand those pressures without eventually undergoing a Great Unraveling … and ours is upon us.

The only thing standing between all Americans and finding their next meal in the local dumpster was the increasingly feeble American Right wing, and its political arm, the Republican Party. And the Republican Party, as the bulwark against the leftism of the Democrats — is dead. It’s been overtaken, at least temporarily, by something people are increasingly labeling: “Trumpism.”

As the country has “progressed” from left, to leftier, to leftiest, the Conservative movement stood in the path, doing its level best to slow the decline. To nearly no avail. Until it has become nearly exhausted. A movement can withstand only so many losses before it finds itself enervated, exhausted. The relentless, unstoppable tide of social leftism has left Conservatives beleaguered, frustrated, bitter, hurt, exhausted.

Leaving the field open to someone like Clinton at the top, to represent the next “high point” in America’s decline.

Or Trump, to represent the desires of those who feel increasingly overwhelmed by the growing pressures on them. The problem with “Trumpism” is that it’s no more well-defined than that vast squirming mess of blathering empty-headedness that was the “Occupy Movement.” They were a movement filled with rock-headed know-it-alls who had nothing of substance to say, and said it at great, obnoxious length, and at shrill, high volumes. So far, Trumpism has not proven to be vastly more substantive.

What a weird thing, then, to say next obvious truth: “Trumpism” for all its vagueness is still obviously superior to the Clinton agenda of guaranteed decline. After all, Trump promises to “Make America Great Again,” while Clinton has been bellowing, “More of The Same,” with her vapid, empty slogan, “Stronger Together.” By which she means, “We’ll be together with you if you agree with us, but we’ll to anathematize you if you don’t.” So, we’re left with the ever more openly Socialist Clinton against the vaguely nationalistic, vaguely capitalist, vaguely protectionist Trump.

At least Trump has promised, lower taxes, less regulation. We can dismantle the protectionism, the isolationism, the ham-handed interventionism in the affairs of business that Trump has also promised.

Or, correctly stated: we must dismantle the protectionism, the isolationism, the ham-handed interventionism in the affairs of business that Trump has also promised. If, that is, he is allowed to enact it all.

And with that, we’ve arrived at what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the great Russian author, called a “historical knot.” Bunches of currents of thought and action moving relentlessly toward a meeting at a certain place and time, and out of which, after a great conflict of some sort, one such current will emerge triumphant. Key words: a great conflict.

America is unraveling — thanks to the left and to the media’s normalizing of their depredations — and this Great Unraveling can’t be stopped now.

The Republican Party is not the same as it was a mere year and a half ago. As it was, the Republican Party could have at least slowed the Great Unraveling; but not as the party is constituted now. Now, if all goes poorly, as all has been going for decades, the Republican Party will contribute to the Great Unraveling.

Now, it is up to us Conservatives to do what we can to see that the right current of thought emerges from the current Solzhenitsyn-esque “knot” after the great conflict. You should have no doubt that (1) the left, and their political arm the Democrat Party, are aware that the Great Unraveling is upon us, and (2) that they want to emerge victorious from the Great Conflict that is inevitably arising from it.

Last thought: Don’t underestimate this. This conflict is every bit as important as the Civil War. More important, in fact.

— xPraetorius


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