Well, I’m Voting Trump (Part V)

Ann Coulter entirely torpedoes the “Trump is a lecherous boor,” or “Trump is a sexual predator” codswallop here.(1)

Any bad character traits that Trump exhibits, Hillary Clinton has them all, in equal or greater measure, and more.

That leaves only: everything else.

“Everything else” is all policy. Trump beats Hillary hands-down in this, the most important aspect of any Presidential campaign.

— xPraetorius


(1) Important Note: This is not to say that Trump is not a boor, he likely is. However, there’s nothing to indicate that he’s ever committed sexual assault. Ann Coulter has a good point in her essay: Trump has been a very prominent person for more than forty years, and these women “come forward” now? Sorry, that has all the credibility of Bill Clinton denying a sexual dalliance. If being a boor is a disqualifier, then out go Obama, Clinton, Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and more.


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