Well, I’m Voting Trump (Part IV)

Bottom Line: The last time I witnessed this level of corruption in the media, the candidate about which they were corruptly dishonest was: Ronald Reagan.

The press hate Trump with a passion that’s probably impossible to describe. And it’s unanimous. Except for FOX News.

Allow me a brief story:

When I was a young kid, I was watching a television show. The show was about Davy Crockett. Or Daniel Boone. One or the other. Whichever wilderness hero it was had decided to pull together an expedition to do something, and the group needed a leader. The hero proposes himself as the leader, and calls for a vote. The vote goes overwhelmingly for the hero … except for one. In fact the lone holdout challenges the hero to fisticuffs in order to decide the issue. They tussle and the hero wins. Afterward the hero asks his defeated opponent why he didn’t vote for him. The guy says something actually fairly profound. He says: “I don’t like for anything to be unanimous.”

The point: In the realm of important things, there are always different perspectives. Always. If opinion about something important is unanimous, then something is very wrong. Either people are lying, or people aren’t thinking, or people are believing things uncritically, or are afraid to voice a different opinion. All these things are very, very bad.

The last time the press were this united in their disdain for a candidate, with a contempt this burning hot, the candidate in question was Ronald Reagan. The media didn’t even get that dishonest, that vicious, that vituperative with George W. Bush’s second Presidential campaign. Though it wasn’t for lack of effort.

One more quick anecdote to demonstrate what I’m saying. I’m a regular listener to a major propaganda arm of the American left: National Public Radio. They have a regular Friday feature in their afternoon/evening fake news program, called: “All Things Considered.

The feature is a 5-10 minute or so conversation with two commentators: long-time leftist E.J. Dionne, and David Brooks. Note: Brooks is the one they use to “balance” the obviously leftist Dionne.

Since this election cycle began, I’ve heard several dozens of these features. Dionne has never, ever, not even once, had one single teentsy, weentsy good thing to say about Trump. While Brooks has been aggressively 50-50 about Clinton. Dionne’s contempt for Trump long ago crossed the line into the irrational.

This is exactly what I’ve seen in all the other so-called “objective” media as well.


We do know some things about Trump. Love him, like him or hate him, there are some things that are obviously true.

Trump is a billionaire. He didn’t start out as a billionaire. He made it himself. He’s made many, many successful companies, and run dozens and dozens of wildly successful projects that have employed millions and millions over the years. Yes, he’s had some, even many, go bust too. But, guess what: in times of bust — and we’ve had plenty — many previously successful things go bust. That’s what they do. That doesn’t change the fact that the now busted thing, while it lasted, made livelihoods, and millions and millions and millions of dollars for many, many people.

When the automobile came around, even the most successful buggy-whip maker needed to find other things to do.  But that didn’t mean that he was an idiot for having been part of a centuries-old previously successful industry.

By any economic measure, Trump is a success; a bodacious, massive, howling, over-the-top, smashing success.

You don’t have to like Trump to understand that several other things are therefore also obviously true: (1) He has to be able to get along with others, (2) he has to understand how to make deals, (3) he has to be a master negotiator, (4) he has to understand business intimately, (5) he has to understand economics at a whole lot of different levels.

Ready for this? Trump’s certainly a much more socially graceful person than the obviously graceless Hillary. He’s had to be that way to get to where he is.

These things are all obviously true. Yet, have you heard anyone in the press — outside of FOX News, that is — mention any of these obvious truths?

Nope. In the many interactions I’ve heard between the above-mentioned Dionne and Brooks, not once, not one single time, did Dionne mention, even one of these simple, obvious truths. The only possible conclusion is that the media were, and are, trying desperately to portray an obviously brilliant person as a complete lunatic and an idiot. As a cartoonish caricature of himself.

Well, what would you say about a media corps that can’t say to you, the American people, simple truths? What would you say of a media corps that deliberately, aggressively endeavors to portray a person inaccurately?

Again, the last time I witnessed this level of corruption in the media, the candidate about whom they were corruptly dishonest was: Ronald Reagan.

— xPraetorius





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