CNN Calls Democrats Idiots, Brainless Thugs

As you know, the headquarters of the North Carolina Republican Party in Hillsborough, North Carolina was firebombed over the weekend. Everyone figures Clinton supporters did it, and I suppose they would be among the leading suspects.

However, CNN assumed it was someone like that, and immediately blamed … Donald Trump.

Some anchorman, I don’t remember his name, and it’s not important, wanted to get out in front of the story, so CNN did as they always do: found any old weird, wacky angle from which they could blame either Republicans in general, Trump in particular, or Conservatives for, you guessed it, things like: inflammatory rhetoric and all the rest.

But, think about it. If “inflammatory rhetoric” is all it takes to get a Hillary supporter steamed enough to firebomb the place where people work and express their political views, then said Hillary supporter is, I’m afraid … an idiot. A baboon. A goon. A Hillary supporter.

It’s the same as when Hillary Clinton gravely informed us that Egyptians and muslims are all mindless baboons because a silly video, she said, was all it took to turn them into a savage mob, raping, murdering and pillaging with bloodthirsty glee.

Apparently, Democrat supporters are, themselves, so animalistic, so brainless, so savage and unevolved, that all it takes is a bit of Donald Trump to make them go out and firebomb a building.

And CNN said so!

— xPraetorius



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