Well, I’m Voting Trump (Part III)

I’m completely sympathetic with the idea of voting for “None of The Above” in the presidential election, and I understand completely how one could come to that conclusion.

I find it odd that everyone is so up in arms now, whereas there was none of this — except from us social Conservatives — back when it was Bill Clinton actually doing all this garbage.

Many of us remember clearly how we social Conservatives were all “sex-obsessed,” and “perverts,” and how it was “only sex,” and how we all needed to “get over it,” and “everyone does it, and we needed to “move on.”

If Trump is a jerk, and a cad, and a neanderthal, and disqualified for the Presidency, then why didn’t we look at Bill Clinton and say all those same things?

The point: we didn’t. As a result, our “horror” and “outrage” at Trump now are more than a little hollow.

Unless, that is, we’re going to use this opportunity to say and do something about the debased culture of which both Clinton (and Clinton) and Trump are simply typical examples.

As regards the current electoral situation: we have the choice of the execrable, debased Hillary Clinton and the debased Trump.

At that point, the rational political decision, it seems to me, is to come to a conclusion as to which of these malodorous candidates would be the least bad for this, the greatest country that’s ever existed.

Yes, there are three Options: (1) Vote for Trump, (2) vote for Clinton, (3) vote for no one.

But, there are other Options as well: (4) Vote against Trump, (5) vote against Clinton.

The political salvation of this country will come about only through at least two major Efforts: (1) Defending all that is good and right and decent in America, and (2) resisting the forces that would do bad things to America.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m selecting Option #5: vote against Clinton, by which I’m doing a little bit to contribute to Effort #2: resist the forces that would do bad things to America.

It’s a purely mathematical calculation. And I don’t pretend to be confident that my conclusion is correct.

Trust me, I wish I could pull a lever that I was confident would: (1) vote enthusiastically for someone, (2) vote decisively against someone, (3) defend all that is good and right and decent in America, and (4) resist all the forces that would do bad things in America — all in that one little lever pull!

But, I can’t. Ted Cruz didn’t win the Republican nomination. So I have to content myself with Option #5: vote against Clinton.

— xPraetorius


13 thoughts on “Well, I’m Voting Trump (Part III)

  1. Trump and Clinton are not the only candidates. Even if they were, I would be free to vote for who I wanted to vote for, regardless of their chances to win. It’s not trump Clinton or not vote. False dichotomy.

    1. Okay. Good point.

      And you’re right that there are other choices.

      However, Stein is worse than Clinton, and Johnson. Well, I kind of like him, but I’m not — yet, at least — an out-and-out libertarian where Johnson’s ideas would be congenial to me.

      Bottom line: it’s a really bad presidential election cycle, in a year that should have been a really good presidential election cycle.

      That’s the frustration. Republicans had a crop of outstanding candidates — Jindal, Perry, Walker, Rubio, Cruz — to name a few, and because of some completely whacked-out confluence of events, we ended up with … Trump.

      Okay, okay, okay… not a completely whacked-out confluence of events. Trump is, or at least appears to be, the holder of certain views that were and are and have long been present in a vast number of Americans … to the surprise of literally everyone who pronounced themselves on politics throughout the past couple of years.

      Trump corralled all that emotion and turned it into a force to be reckoned with. Frankly, I’m not sure what to make of it. It certainly challenges a bunch of things I believe.

      That Trump is the wildly imperfect champion of those views doesn’t change the fact that the ideas deserve an airing and an honest debate.

      The faux outrage on the part of the Democrats and the media is causing the ideas to be drowned out by a bunch of irrelevant nonsense.

      In my estimation the entire picture that is Trump is superior to the entire picture that is Clinton … and to the result — a Clinton Presidency — if “None of the Above” is the choice of many.

      That I would view the “Trump picture” as superior to the “Clinton picture” shows you the low regard I have for Clinton.


      — x

        1. Okay. I understand the premise.

          I don’t completely agree, but I don’t completely disagree either.

          Do you stand by the term “monsters?”

          I ‘m a big fan of hyperbole, but I’m wondering whether you consider it hyperbole, or are using the term advisedly. You’ve used it several times now.

          If you do say they are “monsters,” then can you tell me why? It’s not meant to be a snarky question at all. When I think of people as monsters, I usually think of Hitler, Stalin, Dahmer, Manson. People/monsters like that. That’s the reason I questioned the term. I don’t think of Trump or Clinton as monsters, but rather as jerks, and in the case of Clinton, as a criminal.



          — x

          1. I see trump and clinton both having some of the same traits and capabilities as any of the worst fascist dictators you could name

          2. Hmmmm… Musing a bit now… So you’re saying they’re both potential monsters, not monsters?

            Or, are you saying that you’re certain that if they had the power, they would both do what the worst fascist dictators did?

            I guess it’s legitimate to say that Manson was a monster before he committed the murders, but there was no way we could say that he was at that time. Nor, more importantly, was there any action that we could have taken against him before the murders.

            It’s important to be careful with language, and I’m not sure that I’m ready to characterize, say, Hillary Clinton as a monster. While, as the same time, I think it would be difficult to find someone who holds her in lower regard than I.

            I guess there might be some overlap in our respective definitions of “monster,” where mine is a tad narrower than yours.


            — x

          3. Either way, trump or clinton. This country is doomed as long as we trust only the Republican and Democratic parties to rule.

          4. Two parties was not the original intent of the founders. They hated political factions. There is no foundation constitutionally for the two party system

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