Irritated at Trump’s Comments?

Bottom Line: So, you people on the left … shut up. You have nothing whatsoever to say. Heck, you should all be applauding the fact that someone who calls himself a “Republican” appears to be as debased as you are.

Gee, I guess those staid, straitlaced old 1950’s are looking a whole lot better now, aren’t they?

We get what we ask for. In the ’60’s we were told that the values of those “uptight” old “establishment” types needed to be tossed overboard in favor of free love, sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.

Well, that’s what happened. And now we’re all shocked, shocked! that someone comes along and blatantly reflects that “culture.”

We all know that nearly a quarter of a century ago, Bill Clinton actually embodied, and acted upon, the state of mind that Trump simply described in his surreptitiously-taped banter with television talk show host Billy Bush.

Why was Bill Clinton’s abuse of women okay? Remember how the left leaped to Clinton’s defense? It’s only sex for crying out loud! Ken Starr’s just a big ol’ pervert for investigating Bill Clinton’s having lied about having sex with a White House intern. Relax! they insisted! You’re too uptight, they whined!

And then, sure enough, Bill Clinton got clean away, scot-free with having lied about having had sex with an intern, and later became one of the most popular ex-Presidents in recent memory.

Do you want to stop garbage like what Trump said, and what Bill Clinton did, and what Hillary Clinton helped Bill Clinton do?

Stop degrading the American culture. Have some class, for crying out loud!

I’ve often told my kids that it’s easy to stand out as in a positive way in America. Get a good vocabulary, stay clean and well-groomed. Speak quietly, clearly and politely, show good manners to all you meet. If you learn how to do those very basic things, then, all other things being equal, you’ll make a great impression on just about anyone you meet. Furthermore, you’ll go straight to the front of just about any employment line you get into. And on and on.

The problem: that list of things, a few years back, were just the very basics that all people were supposed to be able to do by about the age of, oh … eleven.

I watch television from time to time. I come across absolutely all the words that Donald Trump used in the supposedly damning video all the time. Yelled, said, shouted, whispered by old and young alike, by men, women, boys and girls alike. And in situations pretty similar to what Trump was describing.

That’s entertainment!

Or is it? Isn’t it merely trash? Do we really need constant references to male and female body parts, to any and every bodily function possible, in order to be entertained? Have we become that shallow? That stupid? That intellectually and spiritually limited? Really? Or are we just lazy?

And worse. Who on earth are Democrats to tell us what a jerk Donald Trump is?!? This is their society, built by them. The “Sexual Revolution” was not led and brought about by a massive cohort of what today we call “Conservatives.”

Oh, there are plenty of Conservatives today who participated in the overturning of the old morality back in the 1960’s. And when they realized the error of their ways, they became Conservatives.

Someone once said that the liberals’ greatest fear, their worst nightmare is that their daughters might grow up and marry someone like them. Makes sense.(1)

And yet, here we all are, tut-tutting and tsk-tsking and being all outraged! Outraged! when Donald Trump says — in a secretly recorded conversation (of course) — all the things that supposedly the edgy, devil-may-care, free spirit leftists say all the time!

Guess what: Anyone who is not a Conservative has no right whatsoever to condemn Trump. For a very long time. we Conservatives have been steadfastly criticizing the trash “culture” that the left has put in place in America.

While the left has been busy continuing to trash it.

So, you people on the left … shut up. You have nothing whatsoever to say. Heck, you should all be applauding the fact that someone who calls himself a “Republican” appears to be as debased as you are.

And for us on the right. Yes, we’re the only ones with any right to criticize Trump for being the jerk that he appears to be. However, let’s use his example to demand that Republican values not look like what the entertainment world — in which Trump was an easy fit — looks like.

Conservative values rejected that kind of garbage long ago. Right out of the starting gate. And, yet again, it’s only the Conservative movement that brings anything of real value to the conversation, to the culture, to America.

— xPraetorius


(1) So what do they do? Of course! Rather than change their ways, they do their level best to eliminate all that is meaningful from the institution of marriage itself.


3 thoughts on “Irritated at Trump’s Comments?

  1. Yeah. I’m sympathetic to that point of view. And I find it persuasive. Just not quite as persuasive as the idea of voting for Trump. Needless to say, it’s hardly an enthusiastic ballot that I’ll be casting.

    I left out one more reason for which I’m casting a ballot for Trump: Let’s not forget that the press did to Ronald Reagan in 1980, exactly what they’re doing to Trump now.

    When I voted for Reagan — I was much less informed than I am now — and I cast my ballot having internalized the savaging that the press had done to Reagan.

    I knew that Carter was a disaster, because I was living that disaster. But the press were unanimous (there was no FOX News back then): Reagan would be a worse disaster. Nuclear war for sure! So I cast my ballot with vast trepidation. Well (as Reagan might say) it turned out okay.

    So, in analyzing all that the press have to say about Trump, and in realizing that the media are even worse now than they were when they had a monopoly on the news, I’m figuring that most of the Trump-bashing is just flapdoodle.

    Which leaves the choice as one between the execrable Hilary Clinton, and a faux-Conservative Republican possibly slightly to the right of the equally piggish Bill Clinton.

    That Trump is a boor and a jackass, certainly can’t be disqualifying for the Presidency now! Not after Bill Clinton. It should be, but one can hardly argue that American culture has improved since the Clinton Presidency.

    Furthermore, way back when, during that time when the Democrats stood in lockstep support of their white trash President, we Conservatives and Republicans said, nearly as one, “Well don’t ever again feel you have the right to criticize any of us for things like that!” Then, we forgot all about it.


    — x

  2. Oh, my apologies, KIA — I simply copied and pasted my next post as a response to your comment. Lazy, I know! But, in my defense, the post did cover the bases that I wanted to cover. 🙂


    — x

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