Well, I’m Voting Trump

I keep thinking back to something that we said a long time ago: “Hillary is a certain disaster; Trump is  a crapshoot.

There is a cruel logic: a crapshoot is better than a certain disaster.

However the possibilities on the upside for a Trump Presidency are enormous. In a Hillary Clinton Presidency there are no foreseeable upsides.

The possible upsides in a Trump Presidency are many, and some are wonderful.

  • The triumph of the idea that Political Correctness is garbage. Important Point: Lately in America, we’ve tended to replace garbage with … worse garbage. It’s hard to see what’s worse than PC, that could replace PC. But, then it was hard to see who could be worse than Barack Obama.
  • Under Clinton the Supreme Court would be ruined even beyond what the death of the great Antonin Scalia did to it. Trump couldn’t possibly do worse.
  • If Trump is actually pro-life, as he says he is, that’s obviously better than the well-known implacably pro-death Clinton. If.
  • ISIS, Syria, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Crimea … all foreign policy disasters resulting from the foreign policy, if such it can be called, of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Trump couldn’t possibly do worse.
  • Dramatically worse race relations are an Obama legacy. Again, Trump couldn’t do worse, and it’s a sure thing that he knows a galaxy more than Obama about economics. It’s a distinct possibility that the deterioration of black Americans’ situation would stop. Few things would do more to improve race relations than, that. Clinton will continue to bribe black Americans to vote Democrat, which will keep them moving backward economically and socially.
  • Clinton is wedded to the utterly, profoundly stupid idea that “raising taxes on the rich,” or “making the rich pay their fair share” is somehow a good idea. As fruitless as it would be stupid, the idea is nothing more than a sop to the most substanceless, stupid, irrational, idiotic, left-wing (but I repeat myself) thinking in their already deeply reactionary movement. Presumably Trump would abandon this pathetically fatuous idea. Lower taxes are needed in America. Lower taxes and less regulation. A lot less regulation.
  • More. A lot more.

I admit that it’s far from a sure thing that all those upsides will come to pass in a Trump Presidency. However, the downsides mentioned in those items are sure things in a Clinton Presidency.

Also, it must be said, there are serious potential downsides to a Trump Presidency. I admit that. One of those downsides is the possibility that the Republican Party, the least bad political party in the country, could become associated with what could be a terrible failure that transpires under its name.

The good news: The only real intellectual power, in the realm of politics in America, resides in the Conservative movement.

I don’t like Donald Trump. He’s a reflection of the debased, absurd, asinine “culture” that the American left, unopposed for decades, has instituted in America.

You don’t have to buy into the wall-to-wall sex, the foul language, the brainless, superficial, substanceless pop culture. You don’t have to buy into the brainless libertinism of the left, which is the reigning zeitgeist in America today. Trump did.

When others do that, I call them, hyperbolically perhaps, idiots.  But buying into it all is idiotic. As I’ve mentioned several times before in these pages: “Idiocy is the luxury of the intelligent; the prison of the stupid.” An intelligent man can act stupidly, and many do, and still be a man of intelligence. That’s Trump: a very intelligent man who has acted really stupidly in the past.

Hillary Clinton is a dull, thick, plodding mediocrity, who has no possibility of acting intelligently.

So, here’s the last cruel logic that will compel me to pull the lever for Trump: Hillary Clinton is a dullard at a time when a brilliant President is absolutely required. Trump is a brilliant man; the only candidate available who has the intellectual capacity to meet the need of this time.

Remember though, a great man can always choose to be a mediocrity. That possibility should never escape anyone’s understanding.

Here’s the final bottom line: The country’s trajectory for a Clinton Presidency is inexorably … down — the only question is how fast. The trajectory for a Trump Presidency is either way up, or way down.

I believe there remain enough safeguards in place that would prevent Trump from bringing the country way down. The question: has the American political left put in place sufficient obstacles to an upward bounce? It’s a sure thing that a Clinton Presidency will never test those obstacles.

I’m voting Trump. I don’t like it, but I am.

— xPraetorius


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