Shut Up, Democrats (Part II)

Bottom line: The scum-sucking Democrats just need to put their phony, self-righteous hoo-hah about Trump to rest, and shut up. 

I was meditating on just how freakin’ traumatic it was that I heard Donald Trump say all those horrible, disrespectful things about women, when my television-surfing fingers found the mildly popular movie “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

In this movie (yes, I know that the title is WTF in military lingo) the following dialog happened (roughly) between Gorgeous British Female War Correspondent and Tina Fey:

Gorgeous British Female War Correspondent: Excuse me, I wonder if I might ask a favor of you.

Tina Fey: Uhhh… sure, go ahead.

GBFWC: Would you mind if I f**k your security detail?

Tina Fey: Uhh… whuh?

GBFWC: Would you mind if I f**k your security men?

Tina Fey: Uhh… no … go ahead. Feel free.

GBFWC: You don’t want Nick?

Tina Fey: Um, no. No. I’m not interested in Nick.

GBFWC: What? He’s a piece of a**!

Tina Fey: Well, I have a serious boyfriend back home. 

GBFWC: [Laughs] Oh, okay. You tell me that in two months when your pu**y is eating your leg.

Or roughly that. The vulgar language is accurate.

This movie is a “Comedy Drama.” The star is the hyper-cool, leftist, brainless Tina Fey. It’s set in war-torn Afghanistan. In the rest of the movie, I repeatedly heard numerous references to every bit of male and female intimate anatomy that exists, and never even close to by their proper designations. And that was just the women talking.

The premise of the movie is mildly interesting. Nothing unusual, and nothing original. It’s not a terrible little movie, and Tina Fey’s not entirely devoid of talent. Brainless yes, talentless no.

This is how the left talks. Women are, essentially, their pu%%ies and men are their d%%ks. That’s often how leftist men refer to women — as pu%%ies, and leftist women refer to men as d%%ks. All the time.

They do it all so easily, casually, off-handedly, relaxedly. And it’s almost funny that they go all vapors when Republicans (and so-called Republicans) talk and act the same way.


It’s as if leftists are saying, “Hey! Only we can be misogynistic scum, because we’re actually good people, because we support taxpayer-funded abortion and months and months of paid leave for women, and free breast exams, and mandatory court verdicts that men are always wrong and women are always right, so now can we go back to abusing women?

As the movie continues, the women are all f%%k this and s%%t that, and f%%k you and you’re a f%%king a%%hole this and a f%%king d%%k that, and on and on and on and on and on. The men too.

Does anyone really think this is all an improvement?

It’s as if feminism did nothing more than force women to take on all the bad characteristics that men actually did, and do, have.

Under the now triumphant feminism, women didn’t have to shed any of their bad characteristics — you know, the whininess, the special needs crap, the PMS hogwash, the we’re-better-than-men nonsense, the we’re-the-strong-noble-ones flapdoodle — while adding all men’s sillinesses — you know, the stubbornness, the pride, the macho, the I’m-stronger-than-you crap — to their now schizophrenic personalities.

The funny thing is that the various bad characteristics in each of the two sexes were mildly endearing in each. Men’s stubbornness, pride, macho, big lugginess  … works, in a way. When paired with their innate concern for others, their self-sacrificing nobility, and astonishing durability and endurance.

And women’s whininess, self-centeredness, irrationality, and special needs work, in their way. When combined with women’s gentleness, tenderness, sweetness, their loving, nurturing nature.

But, when women try to be men, they just look and sound stupid. Really stupid. And when men try to be women, they seem equally ridiculous.

But even more, when men who are trying to act like women, and vice versa, get all upset when men — like Trump — exhibit all the same stupid characteristics that men have exhibited forever, it’s just pathetic.

Bottom line: The scum-sucking Democrats just need to put their phony, self-righteous hoo-hah about Trump to rest, and shut up.

— xPraetorius



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