Long Ago, Democrats Forfeited The Right to Whine…

… about Trump’s bad behavior toward women.

When they stood solidly united behind their man, Bill Clinton, who was a known abuser of women, the Democrats forfeited entirely their right to whine about Trump’s behavior.

We, Conservatives, were right all along(1). We never wavered. We pointed out that to stand behind Clinton was to debase the culture, and we were right.

Democrats will, though, whine about Trump, and stand behind their own rapists, gropers, lechers and creeps, because they don’t give the slightest damn about “women,” except to the extent that they think their whining enhances their chances to obtain and retain power. Period.

We Conservatives have never wavered. When it was shown that Bill Clinton was an abuser of women, we called it, we said it, and we didn’t restrain ourselves. The Democrats and media all shot back, “Oh, pipe down! It’s just sex, you bunch of uptight moralistic, prudes!” And worse.

Hillary launched a campaign to savage the women accusing Bill Clinton of abuse.

Then, when it came out that Trump was a jerk — obvious for some time now — we Conservatives called it, we said it and we never restrained ourselves because he calls himself a Republican.  A jerk is a jerk is a jerk, whether he has an “R” next to his name, or a “D.”

We were, and are, right about Bill Clinton. We were, and are, right about Trump. And we’re the only ones who have any right whatsoever to stand in judgment of Trump and of his character and actions.

The media have no right. None whatsoever. They were solidly behind Bill Clinton, and recent revelations show that they’re solidly behind Bill Clinton’s Abuse Enabler-in-Chief, Hillary.

So, Democrats … shut the hell up.

Trump is your creature. He’s bought into the culture and zeitgeist that you brought about. He’s part and parcel of the America that you have set up and now you pretend to be upset? Shut up! Shut the hell up!

Trump comes along and says, and likely does, what one of your favorite people is known to have done numerous times, and you pretend to be up on some moral high horse? Someone needs to say it: At long last, have you no shame?(2)

And: Shut the hell up!

Democrats; media: Shut the hell up, and go away.

— xPraetorius


(1) You could say that about most everything that comes under close scrutiny in America: Gay marriage, the “trans-gender” kookiness, taxes, abortion, feminism, etc. We Conservatives were, and still are, right all along. It all comes back to haunt the country later on.

(2) The answer to that rhetorical question is as simple as it is disheartening: No, they have no shame. They’re power-mad, amoral thoroughly corrupt dirtbags, and they have no shame whatsoever.



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