Women Come Forward to Say That Trump Groped Them (Part II)

In this post, here, we said that as soon as the video came out showing Trump making lewd comments, it was inevitable that women would “come forward” to say that Trump had groped them … regardless of whether it had actually happened.

Here’s another certainty: There will be more. More women. More allegations. More accusations. A lot more. Again, regardless of whether any of it ever actually happened.

The media will pass it all along uncritically. Allegations and accusations from which they aggressively shielded Bill and Hillary almost a quarter of a century ago, and ever since then.

There will be more women, more stories, more hints and innuendo, and the media will pass it all along uncritically, because now that the Presidential election fix is in, the focus will be to win Congress — the Senate and the House of Representatives — for the corrupt Democrats.

What’s ironic is that the recent document dumps by Wikileaks — with the stories about Hillary’s dishonesty, with her speeches to bank muckety-mucks, with her campaign’s coordination of messages with the prominent media, all reveal — yet again — Hillary Clinton as thoroughly corrupt, and completely unfit to be President. She couldn’t obtain the security clearance necessary to be a junior analyst in the town dogcatcher’s office.

All of which the media will thoroughly ignore.

— xPraetorius



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