NPR Watch — Voter Fraud Fraud (10/12/16)

This morning I was listening to National Public Radio’s fake news program called, “Morning Edition.” This is what an NPR “reporter” said in a feature about voter fraud: “Studies show that voter fraud is not a serious problem in America.”

That is a true statement and it’s a lie. How can that be? Simple: There are lies by commission — where something you say is intentionally incorrect. Then there are lies by omission, where someone says something that is true, but he leaves out some crucial thing that changes the meaning or understanding of the true statement.

So which kind of lie is the NPR true statement? Well, of course, it’s a lie by omission.

Here’s how:

  • Studies show that voter fraud is not a serious problem in America.

Here’s another true statement:

  • Studies show that voter fraud is a serious problem in America.

NPR’s report left out the second, absolutely true, statement, which can lead us to only three possible conclusions: (1) NPR is ignorant of the thousands of reports of rampant voter fraud in America, or (2) NPR is lying, or (3) both.

There’s just too much evidence in support of #3.

Lies, fraud, ignorance, deception, dishonesty — that’s what National Public Radio calls: “news.”

— xPraetorius



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