Wish I’d Said That! (10/9/2016)

Occasionally, we link to something that someone else has written, that’s so well said, that it inspires envy in our hearts. This essay — over at makeaneffort — is just such a thing. It was written by the invaluable Mike, and contains gems like:

What can you say about a guy who talks about forcing himself upon women?

Well… you can call him the 42nd President. [Editor’s note: aka Bill Clinton]

Ummmm… Yep.

There’s also this:

I don’t like the idea of a rapist, by the feminist definition, to be President. Yet we had one in Bill Clinton, and the ‘Feminists’ voted overwhelmingly for him – TWICE.  I guess if you look at it this way the latest discovery should bring all those votes for Bill over to Trump.

Good point! And:

So now the actual Team Leader of the former Philanderer-in-Chief’s hit squad is running for President on the Democrat Socialist ticket. And… as usual, I expect the ‘Feminists’ will vote for her overwhelmingly.  Because “They’re Ready!”

No surprises there.

And, a really salient set of observations:

The most egregious synopsis is; Mr. Trump “is attracted to and just starts kissing beautiful women”, then in a manner which must be a metaphor but possibly not “Grabs them by their Vagina’s”… and “They let him because he’s famous”.

There you go.

What does this say about Donald Trump? What does it say about Women?  What does it say about Bill Clinton?  What does it say about Hillary Clinton?  What does it say about the press?  What does it say about you?

“IT’S JUST SEX!”   Right? [Editor’s Note: this last was what the feminists and the left all said when Bill Clinton was having sex with interns in the Oval Office and got into a bit of trouble.]

Good point! A point that Trump made was that the women allowed him to grope them because he’s a star. A very, very, very rich  and famous star. That doesn’t speak well of Trump, of course, but it surely doesn’t speak well of the women either, now does it?

Mike adds:

Is he [Editor’s note: Trump] a Jerk? You bet.

Is he a Socialist… who enables the Serial Sexual Assault of Women? No, he is not.

But Hillary is.

The rest of the essay is right on the nose, well worth the read, and finishes with an important observation:

Now back to the issues.

Even though Tim Kaine doesn’t think so, this country is in serious economic trouble, not to mention the safety of it’s citizens and the existential threat to their inalienable rights.

— xPraetorius

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