Open Letter To Black Americans (Follow-up)

Almost four years ago, in this post here — an “Open Letter to Black Americans” —  we re-visited a point we’ve made numerous times in the past: the Democrat Party — the political wing of the American left — has owned American cities, lock, stock and barrel, for more than six decades now. The cities are scenes of violence, despair, crime, poverty, human misery on a colossal scale, and death.

In the above-linked post, we mentioned the fact that black Americans, the people most harmed by the Democrat policies that have turned the cities into hellholes, still vote for  Democrat candidates for office in overwhelming numbers.

My implication was that the Democrat Party, and the policy positions it supports, is responsible for the miserable condition in which the cities find themselves, and I put forward a number of items that buttressed my assertion.

Then I asked black Americans why. Why do they vote for the very political party whose policy prescriptions have sunk so many of their brothers and sisters into despair, poverty and, often, death?

It ended up being one of the more frequently visited posts at that time, and it got some interaction from just one visitor. One Arkenaten. Ark is a leftist who is long on bloviating and using foul language, but short on substance. In other words: a representative leftist. He disagreed with the post, as is evidenced by his first comment among several. Here it is:

This so [sic – presumably Ark meant “is”] such a disgusting post on so many levels and what’s worse, you are too indoctrinated to see it or even understand why.

I responded in an offhand manner (I admit) because I thought that would be pretty much the end of it. I was wrong.

In my offhand response, I accused Ark of racism, because in opposing my premise, the only real alternative is that Ark supports the idea that black Americans should continue to support the very political party that is doing its level best to keep them down.

Or to summarize, Ark seems to favor keeping an entire race squashed in inner-city hellholes, merely because of the color of its skin. Sure seems like racism to me!

Certainly, if I were to say something like, “I favor policies that will keep black Americans poor, living in crime-ridden areas, and dying by the thousands each year,” then I’d instantly hear well-justified cries of “Racist!”

Unlike Ark, though, I’ve long favored policies that would encourage and allow black Americans to prosper, and to tap into the opportunity that’s long been available for them in America. Based on all that, it’s safe to say that Ark is, indeed, a racist, who favors continuing the policies that oppress black Americans.

I thought, also, that Ark might just take me up on it and try to demonstrate to me (1) the error of my original post, and (2) give me some good reasons to indicate that he is not a racist. By the way, I’m always wide open to the assertion that, for example, “I’m not a racist because I sincerely hope for long life, good health, prosperity and great happiness for all people on earth, regardless of race, creed, national origin or sex.(1)

I’d take that assertion on its face, because I’d have no way of knowing whether it’s true or not. No one can read minds, as the left often try to do. However, having made that assertion, if I see that the policy prescriptions one supports are at odds with the assertion, I’d challenge the adherence to the policy prescriptions.

Read that last well: that is where we need to bring the debate in America.

Again, the Democrats have owned the big cities for decades, and the big cities are in dire crisis. Isn’t it time that someone somewhere challenged the basic premise of the policies and programs that have been in place in the cities for decades?

Here is the response from Ark to my challenge:

Live in South Africa and voted for a non-racist, democratic government you [juvenile obscenity deleted]!

I shot right back with an elaboration on why I accused Ark of racism. Let’s face it, the accusation was equal parts baiting, and, well, true. Again: if you support policies and programs that have proven to be counter to their stated intent, and that harm black people in particular, and if you know that, then you’re a racist.

What I was trying to get to was whether or not Ark actually knows that the policies he supports cause massive harm to black Americans.

Here was his response:

You are an idiot.
Bye bye.

Convincing stuff! I wonder when the last time was that Ark believed something just because it was asserted. Oh, sorry, I forgot, he’s a leftist: believing things uncritically is what they do.

I tried again. Only this time, I challenged him to rebut the premise of the original post. No luck. Ark’s response was the same. That cycle continued a couple more times, at which point I simply closed discussion on the post.

Our policy: We censor no one, but if someone’s simply going to post the same thing over and over and over and over again, then it’s plain that the discussion is going nowhere. Since he put up the very first response (the “disgusting” post), I gave myself the last word. Had I begun the exchange with Ark, I’d have given him the last word. In this case, I can tell you what it would have been even if I’d allowed it to him: “You are an idiot. Bye bye.” or some variation thereof.

So, the sum total of Ark’s reaction to my original post was, (1) The post was disgusting, (2) I’m somehow indoctrinated, (3) I’m an idiot.

Please note how in a microcosm, Ark did all the things that the political left (of which Ark is a fairly dull, but typical member) always do when they have no arguments to offer on a topic:

  • Make some unknowable accusation against the character of the author of the post.
  • Avoid substantive rebuttals to what others say.
  • Claim the debate opponent is stupid, and not worthy of any more of their time.
  • Leave, or filibuster.
  • At the end of which, they claim to have shown what a racist, or idiot, or liar the opponent is by virtue of simply having made the accusation.

Since, the original post was widely viewed, yet elicited no rebuttals of any substance — certainly none that addressed the premise of the original post — then one is left to conclude only that those who oppose the post’s premise do so not from disagreement with the facts of the post, or from any other position of actual principle, but rather from some other, unprincipled position. That they’re in favor of continuing the policies and programs that have so harmed black Americans, and even killed them by the thousands.

One is left to conclude only that the American left — and its political wing, the Democrat Party —  is the actual home of anti-black racism in America.

— xPraetorius


(1) Beginning at “I sincerely hope,” that’s a basic statement that I make regarding my own hopes for the future of humanity. Mine is slightly different, because I add in “pray,” because I do. Pray, that is. My prayers often focus on the basic ideas in the statement.

(2) Or when they’re soundly beaten in debate.







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