Trump’s Vulgarity vs. Hillary Clinton’s Depravity [Note: some ‘R’ rated passages]

Trump’s Vulgarity

Someone delivered a recording to the media that caught Donald Trump saying some wildly inappropriate things about women some ten years ago. Apparently to a television talk show host.

Some remarks: Well, everyone knows Trump is like that. Everyone knows also that Trump has done this a lot more times than that once. In private. This trashy conversation should come as no surprise to anyone.

Now, here are some more remarks, some surprising, as well as some confessions, in no particular order:

  • First shocker: lots and lots and lots of guys talk like that. Read the script(1). Even like that.
  • Second shocker: I’ve talked like that.
  • Third shockerLots of women talk like that. I guarantee that Hillary Clinton has talked like that. We all know that Bill Clinton has. And he’s acted on it as well.

[Important Note: Rated ‘R’] Some reflections and confessions: Back in the 1980’s, when I was an underwear model in France, I had numerous very friendly, genial conversations with women, in which we casually discussed what men and women want and like. Many times, women have confessed to me that they really like it when a man to whom they’re attracted — either their guy or not — “grabs them by the [crude word for genitals]” They admitted that they had to complain about it, because “those were the rules,” but they all said they secretly liked it. A lot. In fact, many of my friends who were women asked me, point blank, “When are you going to grab me by the [crude name for genitals]?” Then, several of them said to me that they wanted to grab me by [crude name for genitals] and lead me “around.(1a)

Then, I admit, they did.

I suspect that all this frank, sexual crudeness is much more common today than it was back in the ’80’s. And I’m not that same guy anymore. [End ‘R’ rated section]

  • Fourth shocker: Men and women frequently talk like that, but rarely act on it. It’s just crude fantasizing, or trash talking.  There’s no indication, yet, that Trump ever acted on it, while everyone pretty much knows that Bill Clinton acted on those baser impulses — and that Hillary aided and abetted it all.

It doesn’t make it right, but it’s all pretty much … normal, and simply reflects a longstanding reality: Men have a biological imperative to compete with other men to demonstrate virility and attractiveness to women; while women have a biological imperative to compete with other women to demonstrate desirability and attractiveness to men. No one is really surprised by any of this. And it all manifests itself differently with different people and in different contexts. However, put all those imperatives in the middle of a time when trashiness is increasingly the “norm,” and you get the Trump recording. And Bill and Hillary Clinton as well. Remember, Bill was doing and saying all this stuff in the Oval Office with any tart he could find. Presumably he turned off the recording equipment that Nixon had installed there.

What I lament is this: all that trashiness is everywhere in public now. That kind of talk used to be common… and very much private. Nowadays it’s all over television and radio, and I’m not surprised at all that Trump might have talked that way. I fully expect that there are numerous recordings of Bill and Hillary talking that way as well.

There is something, someone, who allows us to overcome mere biological impulses. Mere sexual desire; mere physical urges. Jesus Christ allows us to be better than we’ve ever been. He frees us us to speak respectfully to and about others — men or women. More than that, He shows that it’s more desirable, rewarding, fulfilling to treat others with respect, because it allows us to go to the greater depths and heights of human interaction.

I had real fun having sex all around Paris with women who were jaw-droppingly, Denise Richards, Jessica Biel gorgeous(2). But all along I knew it was all empty, and I craved more. Much more. I wanted  real love. Uplifting, enriching, fulfilling, love, with one woman, with whom I’d spend the rest of my life trying to get to know her. The kind of love in which physical fulfillment is also spectacular because of the much deeper love we have for one another. And rather than being an end unto itself, physical love is one of many other important interactions that uplift us both even more. The kind of love so powerful that all else pales before it.

Jesus, and his example on the cross, taught me what that love is. The power of His love allowed Him to sacrifice Himself, to submit Himself to monstrous indignities and torture, and to give up His life freely for you and me, so that we might have eternal life. Now, that’s love!

In light of that, mere horniness seems … kind of small.

Needless to say, the American left has done everything in its power to distance Jesus from you and me, and to foist upon us a zeitgeist in which Trump’s vulgarity is hardly anything unusual.

However, and I’ve been there, without that understanding of the nature and power of true love, then to say something like, “grab them by their [crude word for genitals]…” seems daring, exciting, titillating, edgy. Rather than what it is: crude, stupid, trashy … small.

  • Fifth shocker: People say things like this, generally in times of their lives that we call “phases.” You know: “Oh, don’t worry, he’s just going through a phase.” That kind of thing. Then they grow out of the phase, and they stop being that kind of person. Or, more to the point, they are not that person.

About Trump: Has he outgrown all that trashiness? No idea.The recording is ten years old. He’s certainly had the opportunity to put it behind him. I’m figuring that he has not.

I do know that one of the most popular Presidents in recent history — Bill Clinton — never outgrew it. He was the first obviously white trash President, and he remains white trash. An important note: Trash generally marries, or ends up with … trash.

We’ve already had the first openly White Trash President — Bill Clinton. If we elect Trump, he’ll be nothing more than just the second White Trash President. Ho hum. It’s like Larry Doby. No one remembers today who he was, or why he was noteworthy. The only difference this time: If Trump is elected, the press will help us to know that we’re electing white trash to the White House.

In 1992, the  press knew that Bill Clinton was white trash, but they did their best to conceal that realization from the voters.

So, about the Trump recording:

  • Not surprised. Wondering why it’s the only one. Surely there have to be others. Knew this was out there somewhere. Expected it in October.
  • Trump’s vulgarity is public; most men’s vulgarity, and women’s, is private. Neither is superior to the other. Both are just kinda gross and, worse, kinda stupid(3).

Bottom Line: Trump is a vulgarian, a pompous braggart, a puffed-up egotist, a jerk(4); he’d be the second white trash President elected in recent memory. However, for all Trump’s braggadocio and bluster, there’s no indication that anyone was hurt by it all. We’ve elected other such potty-mouthed, self-obsessed, egotistical jerks to the Presidency. Here’s a small list: Obama, Clinton, Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Kennedy, FD Roosevelt, Wilson. Presumably there were others.

Trump’s jerkiness causes pain only to the easily offended or the perpetually aggrieved. And, they have nothing to say. We’re living in the “culturethey set up. All this trashiness was supposed to be “liberating,” remember? Remember the “Sexual Revolution?” It was supposed to sweep away all that “uptightness” that the old, straitlaced fuddy-duddies were trying to impose on everyone. I don’t see why anyone at all is surprised at this. More to the point, no one has any right to be upset either. This is what we said we wanted.

Clinton’s Depravity

Hillary Clinton is another story. Everyone knows the following: With all the accusations she levels against Trump, she’s just as guilty of all the same things. But the press hide it from everyone.

When Hillary accuses Trump of speaking abusively of women, we know that she’s actually taken action to abuse women. The women whom her husband has abused.

When Hillary accuses Trump of racism, she hides from the fact that the Democrat Party, of which she is the titular head, has destroyed the American inner city … the principal victims of which are black Americans.

Bottom line: When Hillary accuses Trump of anything, the reality is that she’s always every bit as guilty of it as he is. Corruption, racism, sexism, callousness, vulgarity, lying, crassness, trashiness(5). However, women are judged a whole lot less harshly than men in this realm. When women do it, people tsk tsk, then assume it’s outlier behavior. When men do it, people assume simply that they do it all the time.

Hillary’s acts have resulted in deaths. In some cases — Syria, Iraq, Libya — lots and lots of deaths. Tens of thousands of deaths. She was the principal architect of the Obama foreign policy, if feebleness and surrendering to dictators and thugs can be called  a “foreign policy.”

As a result of the Clinton-Obama so-called foreign policy:

  • ISIS arose and has been killing people for years. And Iraq is lost.
  • Libya went from a friendly country to chaos, and now is largely controlled by islamist goons.
  • Russia appears ready to try to take back the vast territories that Reagan’s policy of no-nonsense, vigorous strength liberated.
  • Both Iran and North Korea are nuclear powers.
  • People around the world are dying ghastly, violent deaths as goons, thugs and ghouls around the world recognize that Obama won’t do a damned thing about it.
  • Islam, and its bloodthirsty legions, is on the rise.
  • Russia has supplanted the U.S. as the dominant power in the Middle East.

Trump is vulgar. Clinton is depraved.

Trump insults and offends people. Clinton kills people. Not directly, of course, but as a result of her policies as Secretary of State.

Clinton looked right in a grieving mother’s eyes and lied to her about how her son died.

Look, I don’t like Trump, and I don’t like the “culture” that has produced him. But there’s no indication that he’s depraved like Clinton.

How on earth did we get here!?! No, wait … I know the answer: This is the country that the left has established. This kind of trashiness, along with the massive, Everest-sized corruption, the depravity, of the Clinton’s is the new “normal.” Get used to it. It’s only going to get worse.

Heaven help us all … and the world.

— xPraetorius


(1) Here’s the snippet of conversation that irritated everyone:

Trump: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Billy Bush: Whatever you want.

Trump: Grab ’em by the p***y. You can do anything.

Billy Bush: Uh, yeah, those legs, all I can see is the legs.

(1a)  Please note: I’m paraphrasing, because the meaning was the same, and so, often, were the words, but I don’t recall the exact wording of those many conversations.

(2) So that no one misunderstands, I’m using these beautiful women’s names as adjectives, not implying that I had sex with them. I did not have sex with them. I did have sex with lots of women who were just as beautiful as they, and one, Patricia, who was much more beautiful than they.

(3) And some of it, between loving husband and wife, is just fine. Let’s not forget that. Sex is biological. True love makes it: biological and much more. The way to understand this is to understand that love is superior to sex, not the other way around. Where we get it so completely wrong in America today is to put sex before love. It doesn’t work that way.

(4) And yet, by all accounts — no exceptions — Trump has been a wonderful father to his children. There’s something missing there. How is one a wonderful father to one’s children, and a lousy husband to his children’s mothers? I have some experience with this. I was, for a while, not a great husband to my then wife, the  future mother of my future children. However, when my  children arrived, I became a much better husband, and, probably, an adequate father. I became a much better husband, because I realized that I needed to be as good a father as I could be. It was an internal imperative. However, as I became a better husband, my then wife didn’t like that at all — she really liked feeling as if she were a victim — and she divorced me. These relationships are incomprehensibly complex, and every single one is perfectly unique. Bottom line: absent other input, it appears that Trump has been an excellent father to his children.

(5) Let’s not forget the numerous “lamp-throwing”-type stories that follow Hillary around. She tosses lamps, screams, hurls invective and imprecations at those around her, and the press ignore the wacko episodes.


2 thoughts on “Trump’s Vulgarity vs. Hillary Clinton’s Depravity [Note: some ‘R’ rated passages]

  1. This was well said. Thank you, much appreciated.

    I grow weary if all the feigned outrage and indignation, how shocked we are, as if we’ve never heard such language before. Puh-lease. We spent at least a decade cracking jokes about cigars in the oval office.

    I do worry too, about what we are saying to men, what messages we are sending them. While this was coarse, crude, unrefined, it was also simply male sexuality on display. For goodness sakes, “I see beautiful women and I want to kiss them?” Like, no kidding. And surprise, the “ugly truth is also that many women tend to respond somewhat positively to advances like that, especially from the rich and famous. If men weren’t a tad bit aggressive and women weren’t a tad bit responsive, we would never have figured out how to have babies in the first place.

  2. Thank you so much, IB.

    You said:

    I grow weary if all the feigned outrage and indignation, how shocked we are, as if we’ve never heard such language before. Puh-lease. We spent at least a decade cracking jokes about cigars in the oval office.

    That was exactly on the nose. And the rest of what you said was equally on the nose. Especially:

    I do worry too, about what we are saying to men, what messages we are sending them.

    Surely some of the vast array of confused and confusing messages bring about the sexual weirdism that’s so rampant nowadays. This idea that people can be man-woman-or something else, anything else, whenever they want is surely a direct result of someone’s being confident that he or she could say such a nonsensical thing and that it wouldn’t be laughed out of the room. In other words the “culture” was in place before all this weirdism arose.

    We live in a degraded and degrading time, and people are surprised when a reality show star turned presidential candidate simply reflects the times.


    — x

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