My Nobel Prize

I didn’t get one this year.

But I almost did.

Funny story: I have an inside source who tells me where I stand each year — I get nominated each year — and no, I don’t nominate myself. 🙂

I might get one next year. Apparently, it was close this year. I’ll keep you posted.

— xPraetorius

4 thoughts on “My Nobel Prize

  1. X… you can’t actually do anything to warrant a Nobel Prize. You have to think about doing something, or just try to do something unsuccessfully.
    I don’t see you as an unsuccessful man.

    1. Lol! If I were to win, it wouldn’t be for anything pertaining to this blogging. It would be for something else entirely.

      And I have to disagree with you. I’m a wildly unsuccessful man. In many respects.

      Though, I have to admit, I have have had some success in some other realms. 🙂


      — x

        1. Lol!

          Nope. I look at Obama and Santos as Success-Failure. Obama had a vision that would result in the greater failure of America. For him the success of his vision, and the resulting inevitable failure of our country, would be his success. Failure-success.

          Same with Santos. His agreement with the baboons of FARC was tailored not for the greater success of his country, but rather for his own success. That he made the agreement was his own success. That it failed plainly represented his own greater success. It certainly appears as if the Nobel Prize award was decided before the vote.

          Failure and success — as it pertains to world affairs — plainly have widely different meanings. Sad to say.


          — x

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