A Quick Observation About Environmentalism

You know how teachers of subjects like “Earth Science” tell their students the way things were millions of years ago? How the oceans covered all of North America, and how people find fossilized sea shells and things, hundreds of miles inland, and on the tops of tall mountains? Then, they tell of how that all went away, and was replaced by massive glaciers extending as far south as Pennsylvania, Kansas, Nebraska…

Pretty interesting, eh? And indicative of what? That’s right: Climate Change.

Serious climate change, the kind that moves oceans, raises sea beds into tall mountains, and changes the look, and the climate, of the Earth forever.

Have you ever heard the term “Pangaea?” It’s the name scientists give to the land mass that covered the earth as One Gigantic Mondo Continent, before it all broke up and the parts began to drift apart. Yep, something in or on this planet has been pushing freakin’ Africa around! And other land masses about the same size!

Guess what else I learned back in, oh, I don’t know, third grade: Nearly all of North American was covered in an ice sheet that was about a mile thick. This news was delivered to me calmly, without hysteria. Not only that, the teacher and I both found it rather fascinating. A mile-thick sheet of ice across nearly an entire continent! Wow! But, it’s gone now.

Yep. Gone. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands — millions! —  of square miles of ice, more than a mile thick! Gone.

And it disappeared long, long before there were any people on the planet.

All this violence, turbulence, incomprehensibly massive … climate change … happened long, long before mankind was ever on the scene.

So, here’s the question: What on earth makes anyone on Earth think that just because we humans showed up, all that stopped?

Environmentalism is a fraud. Any conclusions any “climate scientists” make about long-term trends for the Earth’s climate are — at their very best — wild conjecture based on ignorance and guesses. At their worst, they’re fraud. Lies.

Whenever a “climate scientist” tells you he knows how the climate will turn out long-term, he’s lying. Period. We should be saying that over and over and over and over and over again.

Now I have to go back to avoiding projectiles hurled with churlish intent, while saving the world for democracy.

— xPraetorius


One thought on “A Quick Observation About Environmentalism

  1. True. But what other justification can be used to forcefully redistribute our tax dollars Socialists, Dictators and Thugs around the world? How will they pay for their Limousines and Prostitutes? It wouldn’t be fair to expect these leaders to embrace Free-Market Capitalism because it’s necessarily transitional in political power and the results might take decades if not several generations, not to mention Owning things is Exploitative.

    We have tried Diseases… but, darn it, we seem to keep figuring out how to defeat them.

    We’ve floated the Earth Destroying Asteroid, but amazingly enough it doesn’t warrant the Massive Money and Meddling of Man Made Climate Change.

    The Socialists have long chased Science in order to justify their Oppression Death and Destruction… to justify their use of Force. You can’t take such an important part of their lively-hood away from them. That would be mean-spirited.

    So Climate Change it is!

    We can all ‘share’ the blame for a Hurricane.

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