Colin Kaepernick Proves Himself Wrong

If you’ll recall, Kaepernick is a quarterback in the National Football League. He’s the “deep-thinker” who considers this country hostile to people like himself: people of a brown or black skin color.

And yet…

Back in the 1960’s, I was very young, but even I recognized that there was a serious problem with all the complaining of the 60’s American left: If this country, the United States of America, were really as bad as they said it was, then how could they be out and about and protesting in it? How could they say the horrific things they said about it? Wouldn’t the fascistic, tyrannical goons that they insisted ruled this country simply put down the protests, disappear the protesters, smile contentedly and be done with it? No fuss, no muss, no bother.

Well, if the protesters were right in their protests, then, yes, of course, such a leadership in such a country would indeed simply get rid of the protest problem. Swiftly, decisively, finally. As they used to do in the old Soviet Union.


I shouldn’t have to spell this out.

Therefore, and I call this The Great Contradiction of The 1960’s, the 1960’s protesters were wrong.(1)

It’s the same with Colin Kaepernick.

Any country that would allow one of its citizens to do as Kaepernick does; to direct a loud, public nose-thumbing at the most prominent of all American symbols… simply can’t be all that bad.

In complete irony, Kaepernick’s ability to act without fear of repercussions of any kind(2) pretty much disproves his entire point.

Oh, that’s not to say that America is perfect by any stretch of the imagination, because it’s not. However, any country that allows what this country allows is a great country.

— xPraetorius


(1) Years later, the opening of the archives in the defunct Soviet Union, showed that the protesters were really just pie-eyed dupes of left-wing provocateurs under the direction of Soviet handlers.

(2) Seriously. There hasn’t even been the slightest hint anywhere that Kaepernick would stop making astronomical amounts of money each time he sets foot on the football field. Whether or not he even plays!

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