The Left Makes the Case Against Itself (Part CCLLXXMMMXXXIII*)

Lol! The great Ben Shapiro says what we’ve been saying for a very long time now (here): The left contradicts itself — or “makes the case against itself” — really often. You can find more of our posts on the left’s self-indictments here.

Ben’s quote is:

But what’s funny about this is, what she doesn’t understand is she’s actually making the case against herself.

That comes at about 2:40 into the video. The video itself is only four minutes and five seconds long, so it’s worth a quick listen.

Quick summary of the video: When comparing apples to apples — you know, doing real comparisons? — women are actually(1) paid more than men.


The entire video is worth a listen, as is almost everything Ben Shapiro has ever said or written. He’s a serious, rising Conservative intellectual. The left has never seen his like, and they have no ability to defeat his intellect, his thoughts, or his quick wit.

— xPraetorius


* Funny story about that Roman numeral: I wanted to put in a big number to make the less-than-entirely-subtle point that the left makes the case against itself quite frequently. That’s a point we’ve been making in these pages quite a lot. I put in the above random sequence of characters that I knew were used in Roman numerals. Then I went online in search of a Roman numeral converter. The first one I found said that the above Roman numeral converts into 3,333 decimal. I had to use it after that!

(1) If you eliminate variables like marital status, education level, experience, etc… in other words, compare like women to like men, in like jobs, then — oops! — women are paid more than men!

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