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A smattering of topics covering a bit of the big picture that is Hillary Clinton. A bit about her health.  A bit about her corruption…

There are reasons for which Hillary Clinton arrived at the pinnacle of the American Democrat Party. And there are reasons for which Donald Trump arrived at the pinnacle of the American Republican Party.

The reasons for Donald Trump’s ascension will be the subject of debate for a long time. The reasons for Hillary’s ascension can be summed up in one word: corruption. Few — on the right or left — disagree with that.

There are sub-reasons for Hillary’s ascension, all of which fall under that same corruption umbrella:

  • Rampant lying — for decades
  • A long history of criminalism
  • A long history of failure in every post she’s ever held.
  • A long history of incompetence
  • A long history of being carried by others: Her husband, the press, Hollywood, pop culture

The reasons for Donald Trump’s rise are debatable, and possibly inexcusable. We’ll sort all that out in upcoming months.

The reasons for Hillary’s rise, though, are definitely inexcusable. Absolutely indefensible. Oh, and: deplorable.

These reasons, accepted by pretty much everyone now, say certain things about the Democrat Party. They argue persuasively that both the leadership and rank-and-file of the Democrat Party are riddled through with corruption, ignorance, ambition, stupidity, greed, unprincipled self-obsession, hatred, (as well as the various “hatreds”),  and viciousness.

— xPraetorius




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