The ‘Basket of Deplorables’

Hillary sort of apologized for the vastly generalizing slur. However, she said that she was wrong only to say that half of Trump supporters are deplorable. A couple of her supporters picked up the ball and ran with it on Hillary’s behalf. “No,” they said, “what she should have said was that all Trump supporters are deplorable! Ha ha!”

Ooohh… how clever!

They thought they were reading Hillary’s mind for her. But, they got it wrong.

What Hillary really wanted to say was:

“You all — all you people are deplorable! What on earth are you thinking? Are you seriously gonna make me work  for this?!? You know I’m better than anyone out there. You know I’m better than Trump, for crying out loud! And let’s face it … I’m better than you! When I said, ‘ordinary Americans,’ and ‘everyday Americans,’ you didn’t really think I was referring to myself, did you? Hello! I’m Hillary freakin’ Clinton! And I’m just better! Better than all of you! Period! Now, get out there and make me President!”

— xPraetorius

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